Star Student Astrology Deck

Deck NameThe STAR STUDENT Astrology Deck 
Creator:  Sarah “Bear” Cozzemera
Publisher: Self-Published

The STAR STUDENT Astrology Deck by Sarah “Bear” Cozzemera isn’t just another pretty face! 

To begin with, the colours of each card are specifically chosen with colour theories and association in mind. Thought and care went not only in selecting the colours but how the colours are so cleverly used. 

At first glance, these images are reminiscent of children’s drawings with their thick black lines around paint splatter. Upon further study, however, you will find that not only are the colours carefully chosen but mixed in a way that expresses the essence of the card. 

The Sun card is a perfect example of this. While orange and yellow are obvious choices for this card, there is also black dripping out of this orb. To me, this is a perfect visual description of the life giving star. The bright colours draw out the warm and fuzzy emotions but the darkness oozing out of it reminds us that the unfathomable powers of creation is not something we can take lightly or for granted.  

Using nothing but simple shapes, patterns and colours, Bear not only captures but transforms information to intuition. By meditating upon these cards, I’ve gained new understandings of these heavenly energies. It’s a sense of knowing that would never have come from just reading alone. 

The awesomeness doesn’t end there. As beautiful as this deck is, it’s so much more than just good looking pictures of signs and planets. Flip the cards around and you get flash cards filled from corner to corner with invaluable information such as keywords, colour associations, correspondences, glyphs and more. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve flipped back and forth between the pages of a book to compare information. This format is perfect for my needs! 

This information rich deck is split into five categories:

1. Introduction

2. Placidus houses

3. Planetary bodies

4. Zodiac signs

5. Aspects and transits

The introduction cards acts like the intro in any guidebook, with suggestions on how to use the deck and additional reference materials. I love the card backs on these images and think this is a very unique way to provide introductory materials. 

While I’ve seen placidus houses included in other astrology decks, this deck is my favourite. I like to arrange these cards in a wheel and place the planet and zodiac cards inside them. Seeing them in laid out in a ring really brings out the beauty and thoughtfulness of the colours in this deck. 

The planetary bodies and zodiac signs are most reminiscent of traditional astrology decks. However, the planetary bodies included are more than the seven traditional and the three modern planets. Also included are: 

Black Moon Lilith

Vesta, Hestia

Juno, Hera

Cereals, Demeter


South Node, Keri

North Node, Rahu

Pallas Athena 

I find these additional planet cards to be amongst the most useful aspects of this deck because they are very rarely mentioned in traditional decks and books. Including these planetary bodies is something that really sets itself above the rest. 

Aspects and transits are also things not found in all astrology decks. Altogether, there are 6 aspects and 4 transit cards. While the entire deck is a feast for the eyes, this subset really demonstrates the creator’s special talent in expressing the essence of astrology through art. The emotions experienced during transits are so cleverly described using a few thick lines and simple patterns. Energies burst out of the colours in different ways to express excitement, confusion, tension and more. 

In the aspects cards, colours blend at varying degrees – from sharp division to complete integration in which a third colour is birthed – to describe the nature of those conditions. 

I’ve always been fascinated by astrology but have always found this field to be very intimidating and confusing. I’ve read many books on this topic but have never gotten much further than memorization of facts. To this day, I still can’t confidently apply these memorized facts to perform analysis. Working with this deck has given me a new and valuable insight. It provides a very visceral experience and this teaches me to draw upon my subconscious.  This deck is most aptly named as it is perfect for any astrology student!