What is RWR?

We have had many, many, many discussions about what diversity looks like to us. We’ve had many opinions about it, and the thing that seemed to resonate with us the most is that we don’t really like where the word ‘diversity’ has led us.


As a community the word diversity seems to have led us down the same path it always does. Who profits from it, and in what way?


We prefer the phrase Real World Representation.

It’s subjective to the reviewer.

It’s what we see in our world.

It’s something we love about our community.

It’s seeing more than just intentionally white skin, or worse, unintentionally all white skin.


Our community is full, FULL, of all skin tones, all cultures, all bodies, all abilities, all genders, all ages, all sexual identities. ALL of them.


And, there is so much room at this table.

This table has the capacity to host discussion, to host pain, to host love, to host integrity, to host each other in compassion.


That’s really the best we can do.

So, at Indie Deck Review you’ll find tags that fit the reviewers perspective of the deck as often as our reviewers feel they are warranted.


Indie Deck Review reviewers are human, and humans will always look to their own personal experiences first. From there, we look outward.
At our most basic approach to this, we’ll look for who we actually see in the world.
After that, honestly, I can’t tell you how each reviewer will seek out those things that make the deck in their hands relevant to their worldview.

This is new to us. This is deeply personal, and will push us to refine and define our own views.

We feel it’s incredibly necessary to open this discussion.

Indie Deck Review doesn’t believe that we should censor our reviewers. So, we don’t.
They’ll decide if a deck meets their own personal criteria for the Real World Representation they’d like to see, and those choices will likely be based on who they are and their own Representation language.

Indie Deck Review, as a whole, would like to see decks step away from the traditional thin and white that populate the shelves out there. There is nothing wrong with thin and white, and if that’s what you are looking for, if that is what you want or are comfortable with, there is a wide selection already in place for you to choose from. We’d like to “even the playing field”. (Right? That’s the phrase? We don’t sports very much, we tarot.)

We aren’t interested in burning them up or shaming anyone that loves them.
We believe the world is better with more of all of us.
We’d like to see it that way.

Just go read the first bits.
This is an important conversation to have, and while we respect your right not to have it there is so much to be gained from just doing it anyway.