RWR – The Project

The Real World Representation-by the numbers- community wide project
(We'll call it "The RWR Project" for short)

In June of 2020 the Indie Deck Review team launched their Real World Representation reports. These reports are a “by the numbers” accounting of the representation of their own worlds in the decks they bought/used/reviewed. This discussion had been part of the review process for almost our entire existence, categorizing each review on their website into these categories so that people could easily find decks when they went looking for something that better or more clearly suited them. Our team is a large and varied one, and we feel that the variances in our experiences are what make us so wonderful (seriously, we’re delightful). We also know this to be true of the world in general, that where there is a mix of people commingling their experiences with respect for each other there is also a richness to our shared experience and our individual lives. Life is more delightful with all of us represented as often as possible.

In July, our editor decided to open up this project and include every member of the tarot/divination communities that wanted to participate.

What are our goals?

First, we want to see where we are most likely to find ourselves represented. Are we more likely to find ourselves in independently published or small publisher decks? Or can we find ourselves in larger publishing houses, are they using their incredible reach to support and represent the communities that fund them? Can this be a resource for our entire community so that we can ALL be better for it?

Second, we want to really know those numbers. Seriously, we’re nerdy that way.

Third, we want to know what kind of resource this will turn into. Will it become a form people think when creating a deck, wondering where their numbers will fall? Will it be a form people run to so they can check before they buy a deck?

Fourth, we absolutely want to see how many different ways a deck might be interpreted by different people.

Lastly, we are interested to see if this can be an ongoing, biannual community wide project. Representation is not a one and done experience. As humans grow and evolve, so too does representing them ethically, with kindness and care. This conversation gets to go on forever, and we are ready for it.

Real Word Representation is exactly what it sounds like. It is the lens we each use to view the world we live in. The way you view your cards is an integral piece of feedback that can help to shift the status quo. We aren’t here to say that one deck is better or worse than another. We are here to say, “This is what we see in the decks being made right now.”

The form is currently closed and the results will be posted by 9/1/2020.

Thank you all for your participation.