Outside of tarot decks themselves, there are a lot of things I enjoy about engaging with tarot: connecting with other people or myself, reading cards, reading books about the cards, and more. I also like engaging with the decks as objects in and of themselves. I enjoy doing deck modifications like coloring the edges or trimming away borders. Even more than that though, I like making tarot accessories – practical ones for the most part, such as deck bags and wraps.

Recently, I started playing around with the idea of making spreadcloths in addition to deck bags. However, I got stuck on the idea that they need to be a fairly large size to accommodate at least 5 – 7 cards. That’s a lot of fabric! Not quite as much work as a deck bag, but enough for me to practice some decent sewing skills (keeping a good, straight line is harder than many non-sewers think!). Since I’m a person who doesn’t use spreadcloths, uh, ever, the effort didn’t seem worth it.

Jess’ small spreadcloth, however, has changed my mind a bit. It’s on the small size, coming in at a 7” x 7” quilted square, but it’s gorgeous and well made. Jess clearly has exceptional skill with her sewing machine, which you can see in the clean points of her pieced together triangles and impeccably straight quilting lines. The cloth, like her deck bags and other accessories she makes, shows off her eye for colors and pattern matching. There’s just enough chaos to make it fun, and a soothing contrast to even it out. Also, the cute dinos and cats are 100% up my alley!

Since it’s so small, this spreadcloth is excellent for highlighting 1 or 2 cards for a card of the day or a small, quickie reading. It makes a great backdrop for instagram and blog posts – and let’s be real, that’s definitely some part of the equation for picking spreadcloths in this age of visual social media! If we post to the internet, we want our cards to have a gorgeous background, whatever that means to each of us. More importantly, the cloth is well made from materials that will hold up. It’s small enough to get folded up or just tossed into a bag to be carried around with your favorite deck. It’ll protect cards from the slightly gross tables out there, as well as grass or concrete or a multitude of other reasonable reading surfaces.

I’m a fan this small cloth, and I’m pretty sure other folks will be too! A good reading cloth can be an important accessory for many readers, both practically and aesthetically. Check out Jess’ Instagram and website to see what she’s selling. You won’t disappointed, promise.

You can find Jess Rollar at Radical She Tarot on the web, and at @jessrollar on Instagram.