Vessel Oracle

The Vessel Oracle Created and Published by Mary Elizabeth Evans I am someone who would classify myself as a vessel that has been repaired. RepairedRead More

Oddity Tarot

There is a certain type of person who lives in the world of oddities. Whether it’s a baby fawn floating in a jar, a vintageRead More

Divina Tarot

There’s no secret that I absolutely love everything Mary Elizabeth Evans creates. Her artwork speaks volumes to me and I’ve been a fan of herRead More

The New Wave Tarot

When New Wave Tarot by popped up on Instagram, several friends let me know that I needed this deck. They were right. All myRead More

Wayfarer Tarot

Hail and welcome, the Wayfarer. The Wayfarer Tarot has been on and off my wishlist for a number of months now. I missed its limitedRead More

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