Chibi Tarot

Deck Name: The Chibi TarotCreator: Adam BlodgettPublisher: Self-Published Warning: extremely Millennial and “this person lives on the internet” review ahead Somedays, instead of having conversationsRead More

The Printer’s Tarot

The Printer’s TarotCreated and Published by Nicole Em 2018Cards printed by Pickwick Independent Press The shapes, forms, and images which we’ve learned to recognize asRead More

Homestuck Tarot

Deck Name: Homestuck TarotCreator(s): Andrew Hussey and 39 artistsPublisher & Year: Self-Published, What Pumpkin Studios 2012 When I first got into tarot, like many, IRead More

The Minimalist Oracle

Deck Name: The Minimalist OracleCreator(s): Rachel LiebermanPublisher & Year: Self-Published, 2016 Do you like clean lines? Do you like minimalist design? If so, you willRead More

Sickly Tarot

Deck Name: The Sickly Tarot Creator(s): F. Raymond Sickly Publisher & Year: Self-Published, 2017 If ever there was a tarot deck that left me utterlyRead More

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