Old Style Lenormand

Deck: Old Style LenormandCreator: Alexander RayPublisher: U.S. GamesWhere to buy: https://www.usgamesinc.com/old-style-lenormand.html I’ve always felt that the images in Lenormand decks are an expression of the Victorian era. It is a display of their fear and admiration, challenges and joys. The objects chosen to express these […]


Deck Name: 7starotCreator(s): 7starotPublisher & Year: Self Published, 2020Guide – https://www.7starot.com/blogs/7starot-guide/the-7starot-deckInstagram – https://www.instagram.com/7starotWhere to buy – https://www.7starot.com/ This year I’ve been really deep diving into the patterns of pip decks, so when the 7starot landed in my lap for review I was delighted to look […]

Amenti Oracle

Deck Name: Amenti Oracle – Feather Heart Deck and GuidebookWritten by Jennifer Sodoni Illustrated by Natalee Miller Published by Hachette Book GroupAvailability: Our Amazon Store Love at first sight is a concept I don’t necessarily invest a whole lot into because it’s hard for me […]

Gilded Reverie Lenormand – expanded edition

Deck Name: Gilded Reverie Lenormand Expanded EditionCreator(s): Ciro MarchettiPublisher & Year: US Games, 2017Availability: https://www.usgamesinc.com/Gilded-Reverie-Expanded-Edition.html The Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti was originally published in 2003. I remember seeing it in bookstores and thinking that it was a gorgeous deck. I didn’t buy it […]

Art Oracles

Deck Name: Art Oracles Author: Katya TylevichIllustrator: Mikkel Sommer Publisher & Year: Laurence King Publishing, ©2018.Availability: Our Amazon Store and at https://www.laurenceking.com/product/art-oracles/ Art Oracles is a visually stunning 50 card deck that compiles the work of “the great artists”. The illustrations combine portraits of the artists with […]

Bohemian Animal Tarot

Deck: Bohemian Animal Tarot Creator: Scott Alexander King and Sharon McLeod Publisher: Rockpool PublishingWhere to buy: Our Amazon Store and at www.rockpoolpublishing.com Measuring 8x13cm / 3’x5′, this anthropomorphic animal deck is a large delight. The word “Bohemian” is a perfect way to describe this deck because there […]

Oracle Lumi’Air

Deck: Oracle Lumi’AirCreator: Antoinette CharbonnelWhere to buy: https://www.amazon.fr/Oracle-LumiAir-cartes-notice-couleurs/dp/B07KZ4TF2K I started drooling over the Oracle Lumi’ Air the moment I saw a picture of its box cover. The image of a frog resting underneath a mushroom while staring thoughtfully up at the moon is both magical […]

Oddments Tarot

Deck: The Oddments Tarot Creators: Rachel Evans, Motion Sickness of Time TravelPublisher: IndiependentAvailability: https://motionsicknessoftimetravel.bandcamp.com/merch/the-oddments-tarot  The Oddments Tarot was created in the space between dreams and reality. The collages that make up this deck are primarily composed of low resolution images. The hodgepodge blurriness feels like those […]