Healers of the Earth Oracle

By Mandy Peterson
Emerald House Publishing, 2018

Do you believe in divine intervention & timing? I sure do. And this deck just fell into my lap at the very moment I decided to dedicate my 2019 to shadow work. The name of this deck? Healers of the Earth oracle, by Mandy Peterson.

I’m an earth sign (TAURUS IN THE HOUSE), so the title of this deck is the first thing that stood out to me. I was also super intrigued by the description: “Cards created especially for earth sensitives, nature lovers, and those interested in personal and planetary healing.” Am I one of those people? Do I have the power to heal the entire solar system? I don’t know yet, but I’m ready to find out. Fortunately, there’s a section in the chunky LWB explaining what “earth sensitive” actually means (HINT: you get the hard feels about world and societal events).

The box is super nice with a sliding drawer that holds the cards and book. It’s soft, white and minimal, with the cards taking center stage — no fluff, which speaks volumes of what lays ahead. There’s a chunky LWB that gives both Upright and Reversed meanings. But here’s the funky part: you’re actually getting 2 decks in 1. SAY WHATTT?! The backs of the cards are designed as a bonus divination tool that can be used on its own or in tandem with the front side key phrases. This could’ve been overwhelming (NEWB, here), but Mandy only put the front meanings in the LWB, and notes a website where you can obtain more extensive info on how to use the card backs as an additional tool. Thanks, Mandy!

Fast forward to actually holding the deck and… just… WOW. My first thought was that these cards are surprisingly weighty, which I was loving. It felt solid, like this deck has SOME HEAVY THANGS to tell me. They cards are shiny and slick, which I don’t hate, but the silver lining is the silver metallic edges. They’re so silver that I can see a muddy reflection of myself. IT. WAS. MESMERIZING. Kid you not, I sat just playing with the cards for a solid 5 minutes because they just felt so good.

And if that’s not enough, I can shuffle them! I am a small-hander, and I had no problem shuffling. I also wasn’t afraid to shuffle hard in fear of chipping the mirror edges. Nope, this baby is here for the long haul. Let’s do this. *cracks knuckles*

The coolest bit is that Mandy used images off of the *Googles* for the artwork — so the artists are by various awesome graphic artists of the interwebs. You wouldn’t know it though, because she skillfully designed the cards to flow and relate to one another. There’s so much life in these cards just waiting to be used.

WARNING: this deck isn’t all glitz and glam. It’s actually quite deep and dark, in contrast the somewhat soft, ethereal imagery. You can just feel it the moment you take the cards out of the box. Apparently some people have told Mandy that they think this is one of those light, sweet unicorn decks, but I don’t get that vibe at all. I feel pulled in, it makes me pensive, I am questioning things and learning as I go. This oracle is meant to be studied, listened to, and understood, and that will reflect back in your own healing work.

“So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”

T.S. Eliot

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