First Impressions:

The Numinous Tarot is not a deck I would normally be drawn to. I’d seen it a few times, but felt no special pull. The artwork is LOVELY, very bright and colorful. But, one thing that always influences how I feel about a deck is the art on the back of the cards, and there is just something about the pastel pink and blue that immediately turned me off. (Hi, my name’s Moon and I don’t like pastels) I do, however, love the diversity represented in this deck. People of all backgrounds are featured, and the more you delve into the cards, the more diversity and inclusivity you discover. The cards have a really good feel to them, shuffle easily, and I do love a gilded edge.

Further Exploration:

The connection to RWS is evident. However, as someone who does not have a strong understanding of the cards, even with the RWS connection, there were some cards that I could not pick up meaning from. I could easily connect Tomes to Pentacles and Vials to Cups, but Bells and Candles I kept mixing up. I never did get a handle on the progression of the court cards. As I explained each card, there were a few that stood out to me. I particularly loved the Moon, the Two of Vials, Creator of Candles, The Shadow, and the Dreamer of Vials. The Moon and The Shadow stood out as they a stark contrast to the realism of the rest of the deck. Noel did a wonderful job showing these are cards of the mind, not the earth. I love the sweetness of the Two of Vials. The Creator of Candles speaks deeply to my witch side. I was quite taken aback by the Dreamer of Vials. It made me uncomfortable because I was being seen. I saw my scars on her leg. I saw my scars on her arm. I have been quite vocal about my past struggles with self-harm, but to be called out, to be seen, to be ‘normalized’, it brought tears to my eyes. I struggled with certain cards, connecting their imagery with the meaning f the other cards. To me, the Lovers was a beautiful representation of the World. The Ten of Vials felt like it should have been the Three of Vials. I struggled with many of the candle cards, either not able to draw meaning or coming up completely wrong.

The Book:

The book is WONDERFUL! Noel did a fantastic job of explaining each card, the correlation between the traditional suits and the suits of this deck, the explanation of the journey through the Major and Minor cards, and they offered many different spread options. It was very well written and user friendly, laid out in a way that builds upon itself. I actually learned quite a bit while going through the book that will help me on my own tarot journey.

Overall Thoughts

I LOVE the idea of this deck and what it represents for many, many people, myself included. Noel did a wonderful job with the art and the book. However, I would not recommend this deck for a beginner. It is great for someone who is comfortable with the cards, someone who has some experience with reading, but as someone who is still learning this deck caused too much confusion. Without the book, I was not able to understand the readings I did with this deck. Now, that being said, the book is perfect for beginners and I would buy that in a heartbeat. I’m glad Noel created this deck and I love what it brings to the tarot world.