There is a certain type of person who lives in the world of oddities. Whether it’s a baby fawn floating in a jar, a vintage knife with butterfly wings encased in resin in the handle, a turn of the century bottle of Coca Cola (you know, the type that would have made you zippy), old dentists tools used for god knows what, or whatever your flavor of strange may be, there is a community of people who are into the same thing. There are pockets, worlds we don’t even know exist until we stumble upon them and get lost in dates, weird history, and little known artists with huge cult followings. The Oddity Tarot plays with these images, and the feelings brought up by them. I believe there is something that connects everyone who runs in these circles; they aren’t afraid of the dark.

Now, I don’t mean literally being afraid of the dark. I mean they don’t turn away from the uncomfortable, the grotesque, the unsettling. They want to look at it under a microscope or maybe poke it with a stick. Death doesn’t scare them; it fascinates them. They are comfortable with their own mortality, and with everything else’s. This deck is for those people. This deck is for the ones who want to look at their shadows, who want to interrogate their unseemly emotions, who don’t shy away from their own peculiarity. To put it concisely, this deck is not for the faint of heart.

There is also something about this deck that is inherently queer, not just within the issues it raises. There is the tell-tale sign of a queer friendly deck- my favorite, a Lovers card showing two skeletons embracing (yay for non-gendered Lovers cards!). If you are a person who spends a lot of time in oddities communities, or even in the witchy community, you will have noticed these spaces are filled with queer folks. There is something queer about being magical, and there’s something odd about being queer, and there’s something magical about being odd. Somehow they are all tied together, connected.

The flavor of this deck brings to mind vintage freak-shows, big top circuses, the freedom to revel in the strange, to gawk at the unknown. The bold lines and colors remind me of Sailor Jerry tattoo flash, and the time period it was birthed. It is a 24 card deck with quality card stock (not too thick, not too thin, perfect amount of bend) and a tidy lidded box, matte and printed with the same pattern as the card backs. It does simple well, and the overall package is of excellent quality.

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