Creator(s): Olivia Konys
Deck Name: Xactarot
Publisher & Year: Self Published, 2019
Where to buy www.oliviakonys.com/xactarot

Oh collage decks, how I love thee! Decks that are created using collage have a special place in my heart, I just adore them! The way you can transform one art piece into another is a magical process and I actually use collage art in my own self-love practice. It’s a great way to set intentions and be mindful during the creation process.

When working with the Xactarot deck, I like to let my eyes wander across each card to see which papercut piece catches my attention first and how it was being used. The deck reads beautifully well and was made with love, I can tell the minute I took the cards out of the box!

The artist and deck creator, Olivia Konys, did an amazing job in creating this deck!

The cards measure standard size at roughly: 2.75” x 4.75”


The colors used in this deck are what really draws me in, so I decided to pick some cards that are both visually appealing to me and ones that really catch my eye!

8 OF CUPS // The feeling of depletion runs strong in this card. Just with a quick glance at that cacti speaks volumes. My first thought about this card is that you’re out of your element or are trying to make the situation simply work… but it’s not going to and you know it.

ACE OF COINS // The Ace of Coins is not normally a card I gravitate towards in most decks. I love the bouquet in this card because I often think of a “gift” when it shows up in a reading with other decks. Here, we are being handed a beautiful thing, yes please!

7 OF KNIVES // This is one of my favorite cards in the deck from a pure aesthetic perspective. Something about the splashes of watercolor just does it for me! The way Olivia covered their eyes in the card imagery is on point, you are being deceived because you are blinded. This is a perfect opportunity for someone to trick or manipulate you.


The cardstock and finish of the cards mimic the pages from a magazine they were cut from. It’s glossy but not over the top like some glossy cardstock I’ve seen so it doesn’t bother me at all. The deck shuffles very well and glided in your hands with ease.

I would say the thickness of the cards are a light medium. They are bendy enough for a rifle shuffle but do feel like they will hold up over time.


Here is where the magic is, in the imagery and how the cards were created. all of the art was hand cut and placed and she added keywords to each card along the bottom edge. Sometimes I find keywords to be distracting but with this deck, it just works and I really don’t look at them when I’m doing a reading. Not on purpose, but just because they don’t jump out to me like on some decks.

The suits have been changed to: Pieces is Pentacles, Knives are Swords, Stars are Wands, and Cups are still Cups. Also, the suits are given symbols on each card: Pieces is a square, Knives are an X, Stars is a triangle, and Cups are a circle. Some of the Major Arcana cards have also been given new names.

My only personal gripe with the deck is that the new suit symbols are shown on each card instead of the suit name. The symbols are making it a bit frustrating to figure out unless I have the guidebook in front of me to double check if the circle is a Cup card or Swords, as an example. Even with the keywords, it still makes me wonder which suit it was again since the keywords new are fresh and ones I hadn’t thought of before – which that part I love! The other small gripe is that the Major Arcana is not numbered, so with the new names on a few cards I can’t seem to figure out which card they were originally once I shuffled the deck out of order. I do know that the Empress was renamed “Promise” (I think) but some I have to really pick apart and look at the keywords for some guidance as to which they originally were.

With these changes, I find that the cards read very intuitively and are very unique. They are gorgeously done and fun to work with, but I do think a beginner reader may get confused a bit.


The deck comes with an accordian style guidebook that talks about the new suit names and symbols, about the deck and some spreads. It folds up nicely and fits in the deck. 


I really love this deck, it’s unique and fresh! I can tell a lot of care went into creating each card and they were well thought over. This deck would be great for a collector or for someone who craves a different deck to read with that strays a bit off the traditional path.


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