Deck Name: The Minimalist Oracle
Creator(s): Rachel Lieberman
Publisher & Year: Self-Published, 2016

Do you like clean lines? Do you like minimalist design? If so, you will love the Minimalist Oracle! This deck of 60 cards fills all of those delights I have when it comes to minimal design and style. It’s very clear and concise in a reading and I’ve had great pleasure in working with this unique deck.

The cards give off a very direct energy that doesn’t require a guidebook, though it does come with one if you need some more inspiration for the cards. The artwork on each card is also very intuitive and playful. All in all, this deck really does stand out from the other oracle decks that I’ve had over the years!

The cards measure roughly at: 2.75” x 4.75”


I was really drawn to the Spiral card. I keep a small spiral talisman on my altar to represent growth, so it was natural for me to pull this card out from the others. Spiral to me not only represents growth but it represents a continuous path that we take, one that requires us to revisit areas of our life at different moments. Maybe we learned how to cook when we were a teenager and when we are an adult, we learn how to cook in a certain style. We just keep improving and keep moving along the path that we take.

Another card that caught my attention was the North Star, it’s like a light in the dark that leads you home or back on track. It’s that feeling of moving forward even if you aren’t entirely sure where you’re going, you just know you need to follow it. I love that the card is all black, the yellow spot on the card reminds me of the moon in all her full glory!

Lastly, the Chaos card in this deck really grabbed my attention! Not only do I love the scribbled illustration that represents how my mind feels, but chaos in general is pretty much what sums up how I feel on most days when I’m creatively blocked or challenged. When I’m like this nothing feels right, nothing sounds good, and nothing makes sense… it’s all just one big mess of a scribble.


The Minimalist Oracle is on the thinner side but not bad. I’m a bit picky with my cardstock and while this isn’t my favorite, I don’t mind it at all. The deck shuffles really well though. The size of the cards are standard and fit comfortably in my hands, they also look great laid out in a spread!


This is a very minimal designed deck, hence the name, The Minimalist Oracle! Each card features a simple doodle or illustration in either color or in black. The color palette is very minimal and I really love the pop of pink here and there in some cards! The cards are totally free of clutter and get right to the point.

Each card features a keyword and illustration. Some cards have single spots, lines or curves, while others have extra shapes. They are very intuitive and I find myself relaxing into the illustrations when I read the cards, letting whatever come to mind as I rest my eyes gently on the shapes. Also, there is one blank card in the deck for you to design!

The card backs are a black and white plaid, for some reason I think of Beetlejuice when looking at it. You know, the shirt that Alec Baldwin wore in that movie, love it!


The Minimalist Oracle arrived in a printed box that houses the cards comfortably. It mentions the deck info on the back, as well as shapes along the box edges.

This deck did come with a staple bound guidebook that explains how to use the deck and keywords to help you along if you need some other insights to each card.


I really enjoy working with this deck! It reads very clear and pairs up very well with other tarot decks in a reading, I’ve even pulled a card from it to end a reading a few times and it just speaks so well! I love the simple design and overall look of these cards.

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