Stardust Tarot

Deck Name: Stardust Tarot
Creator(s): Space Delirium
Publisher & Year: Funding on Kickstarter, 2019

I’m a huge lover of simple, minimal art. I’m also a big fan of space and astronomy. The Stardust Tarot is a perfect blend of everything I love when it comes to minimalistic design! The deck is both beautiful and enchanting.

The Stardust Tarot was created by French twins, William and Alexandra. The deck itself was inspired by their love of space and minimalism. I can’t help but be drawn to their style of graphic design and limited color palette, I’m a big lover of black & white decks!

Now, this is considered a “pip deck” – meaning the minor arcana is not fully illustrated like the major arcana, but instead takes on a more minimal approach similar to Tarot de Marseille and other like minded decks. I find this fun and refreshing when it comes to reading the cards, it invites the reader to look at things in a different light without the clutter of imagery guiding your intuition.

Also, the Stardust Tarot doubles as a standard playing card deck when you remove the majors and the 4 Knight cards!

The cards measure roughly at: 2.75” x 4.75”


My favorite cards in this deck are all from the major arcana. I really love the symbols and glyphs used on the cards, they all speak very clear to me and read quick.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE // This card instantly resonated with me when it comes to natural cycles and allowing them to take their course. If you notice, the glyph in this card is the moon cycle. We all go in and out of different cycles, some harder than others and some easier. It’s a good reminder to know that wherever you are at in your own journey, it will change but it will also come back around again.

THE STAR // The Star is one of my favorite cards in the tarot major arcana. For me, it is a reminder that I am unique and I’m not the center of the universe like I may think I am, haha! It asks us to be authentic and standout, but also know that we are not alone. There are many others who are trying to do the same thing and that there is enough space for us all to be unique.

THE DEVIL // When you are caught in a spiral, it can be so damn hard to pull yourself out. I know this card well and still struggle with it daily, if not hour by hour. It’s easier said than done, but try not to get swooped up in this spiral if you can. Those little “arms” reaching out from this circle glyph on the card will try to pull you in and lure you closer, don’t listen to them.


Like most readers, good card stock is up there on the “must have” checklist and I’m pleased to report that I love the cardstock of this deck! It’s features a matte satin feel with just the right amount of bend for me, and it shuffles well.

The cards are more of a satin shine, so it photographs very well with no glare. The deck also has a bit of weight to it that rests nicely in your hands and feels good with a nice riffle shuffle!


The cards themself are all monotone in color and has great range in grays, it suits the deck theme very well. The backs are absolutely stunning, it’s like a watercolor blend of white and black, just beautiful! I’ll admit, the card backs are what originally caught my attention when this deck started to show up on my Instagram feed.

The card fronts all have a dark gray background, not black. It’s soft and subtle. The card titles really pop in white and fit the cards very well. Each major arcana card features the roman numeral at the top, with the card title at the bottom. The minor arcana is very similar to playing cards where they have the card suit glyph at the top left and bottom right of each card with the corresponding playing card suit on the opposite corners. In the center of each minor card is the actual number in bold.

The court cards take on a similar look to the minor arcana, but instead of a number in the center it’s the court glyph (crown for king, helmet for knight, etc).

This is when “tarot math” can come in handy if you are not used to working with non-illustrated pips. You simply apply the number and the suit to get the meaning. You can also apply meanings you are already familiar with on these cards as well. Remember: there is no wrong way to read tarot so try out new ways and find what works for you!

Also, the Stardust Tarot comes with an extra Strength and Justice card that have the numbers switched. This is so that you can use which card you associate with best. Some prefer the Strength to be number 8 and Justice to be number 11, where some prefer Justice to be number 8 and Strength as number 11. I love that they included this in their deck!


From what I gather, this deck does not come with a guidebook nor did my deck arrive with one. I personally don’t think you need one with this deck but if you feel that you do, you can use any of your favorite tarot books. I would highly recommend a Marseille style book since the deck is more of a “pip deck” than a standard fully illustrated tarot deck. It might help you get a better grasp on how to read with the minors!


This deck is truly beautiful and was very well designed. I’m quite happy with how this project turned out and I look forward to more creations that Space Delirium puts out in the future!

This deck has a mini version funding on Kickstarter! See link below!

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