Sigil Arcanum Tarot

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Deck Name: Sigil Arcanum Tarot
Creator(s): Taylor Bell
Publisher & Year: Funding on Kickstarter, 2019

I’ve been a fan of sigils and symbolism for years, I use sigils in my own person practice with nearly everything I do, I’m always creating a new sigil or symbol for something and often looking for an excuse to do just that. When the Sigil Arcanum landed in my lap I was very intrigued and I was anxious to dive into these cards! I quickly noticed a hint of Thoth and that got me even more excited!

The Sigil Arcanum is a symbol rich deck that takes a new perspective on tarot through the lens of sigils and symbols. It invites you to approach the cards in a more intuitive sense and let the symbols guide you in your reading. Each card relies heavily on the elemental, astrological and alchemical association, which I find to be a great learning deck as well if you are new to focusing on these elements in tarot!

The idea behind the Sigil Arcanum was to have the reader see the tarot in a different perspective, to see it through symbols rather than rely heavily on illustrated stories. I find that very interesting and very clever!

The cards measure roughly at: 3.75” x 4.75”


While all the cards are very eye catching and stand out on their own, I managed to pull three favorites from this deck that I wanted to talk more about!

DEATH // “Scorpio” Out of all the Major Arcana cards, the Death card really caught my attention, I’m also a Moon in Scorpio for all the fellow astro lovers out there. I quickly noticed the scythes in a circular like movement surrounding the Death symbol in Alchemy, the horseshoe looking symbol. It’s giving you that continual notion that after death brings life and it just keeps going.

4 OF SWORDS // “Jupiter in Libra” This card is about truce, a stalemate. It’s a time for rest but don’t think that you can release your guard, not just yet. This is a temporary moment that will pass. I love the symbols locked in place on this card, it reminds me of a vault door being closed, for now.

2 OF CUPS // “Venus in Cancer” I love the connection in this card, the venus symbols coming together in a sort of unity with each other. when Venus is in Cancer it’s tender and loving, it’s a craving of intimacy but not just in love. It’s a craving of person connection on a slightly deeper level.


Because this deck comes in two editions, a black on black and the color version I have here, I’m not sure if the card stock on the black on black differs. This colored version here has pretty standard cardstock. the cards feel quite nice and have a very low gloss to the cards, which I like! This makes for photographing much easier I find, because we all love to photograph our cards… am I right? The cards aren’t too thin and aren’t too thick, I would say they are right in the middle as far as thickness goes.

The deck shuffles very well! It riffle shuffles nicely and bridges perfectly, which makes my hands always happy to do!


The imagery is where this deck truly shines! The notes of alchemy and how the symbols dance with one another is truly creative. I find that my eyes glide across the cards when I lay down a reading and they bring the deck to life. At first, I wasn’t sure how this could be an intuitive deck, I thought it may take a lot of study involved in order to read these cards even though I’m pretty up to date on my symbolism. I didn’t find that to be an issue at all! It was quite the opposite and it was a pleasant surprise.

The color version of this deck, the one I’m reviewing, has a rainbow on black design. The colors pop and almost remind me of neon lighting, yes please! Because the cards were designed in a minimalistic sense, they aren’t cluttered with a lot of extra illustrations and such. They are clean and easy to read! The cards feature certain symbols depending on what they are, let me break it down a bit for you:

MAJORS // each card notes the roman numeral at the bottom and features the astrological or planetary association to each card

ACES //  feature a capital A on the top of each card and has the elemental symbol below

2-10 // each card features the planetary and astrological association (ex: Moon in Taurus) and has the card number at the top

COURTS // Features the elemental symbol on the bottom with the court letter at the top (ex: J = Jack/Knight)

The imagery really invites you to dig deep into the symbols. I find this to be a great deck to use if you have been craving more in tarot, or even to use alongside your favorite deck! It adds layers and great depth!


Right now, I can’t note too much on the packaging as it may change once the Kickstarter is funded, but my deck arrived in a nice blue velvet pouch. Again, this may change though. The guidebook is still being made, but from what I have read so far, it does give you a run down on the symbolism and how to use this deck, as well as the artists notes on the creation process. The card meanings are limited to a page each, which makes this a rather quick read that gets you right to the gist of the cards. There is a symbol guide in the back of the book, but I invite you to dive deep into the rabbit hole of which I call alchemy and astrological symbolism… it’s a fun adventure, you’ll thank me later!


While at first I wasn’t sure what to think of this deck as I went through the cards and I was wondering how this would read… but I was quite pleasantly surprised at just how well the cards read! Don’t let all those symbols scare you, they are quite intuitive and almost relaxing to dive into. I will enjoy getting to know this deck more for sure!

As of right now, this deck is funding on Kickstarter and with your help, this deck could be fully funded!

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