Deck Name: Lisa Frank Tarot
Creator(s): Ariel Hart
Publisher & Year: Self-Published, 2016

Hello, time travel! The Lisa Frank Tarot brings back so many childhood memories, from Trapper Keepers to stickers to clothing. I was Lisa Frank obsessed, as we all were! I have seen this deck float around Instagram for some time now and when it arrived in my hands for review I giggled like a little kid. It’s simply adorable and totally readable!

Before you get too excited, I will note that this is a major arcana only deck – meaning there are only 22 cards. But, it’s amazing nonetheless and I actually really love major arcana only decks. Less is more sometimes!

The creator of the Lisa Frank Tarot is artist, Ariel Hart, who graciously put the artwork up for free so you can create your own deck. The best place to do this is through and you can customize what cardstock you would like – I hear they have a holographic option, just saying.

The cards measure average size at: 2.75” x 4.75”


Holy crap, how to choose just a few?! They are all equally cute and well done, so picking a few was tricky but I managed to narrow down a couple.

This deck by far has the sweetest and most gentle Death card I have ever seen. It illustrates a ballerina bunny riding a glamorous unicorn coming after a a cheer team consisting of a koala, panda and bear all while smiling. We all have that one friend who really wants a reading but is terrified of the Death card – use this deck! FYI: There is no reason to fear this card, change can be good y’all!

The Tower features a giant ice cream sundae piled on top of a bear with lightning bolts, this is so perfect. When the Tower comes to town you can for sure feel a lot of weight on your shoulders, a little unsure and a lot of confusion. Sometimes this shake up can really throw you off your tracks. The only way to get through this massive shift is to eat your way to the top! This card tells me that there is always a solution no matter the challenge you are handed.

Another card that I really wanted to include was the The Star card. The Star is becoming one of my favorite cards in the major arcana. To me, it represents letting yourself be who you are, be authentic and let it shine. Seeing a group of whales under the stars is gorgeous! I was a huge lover of the orca’s that Lisa Frank created and this may be my favorite card in the deck – besides the “too cute for words” Death card, of course!


Because you can get this deck printed yourself with several cardstock options, the cardstock I’m reviewing may be different than the cardstock you get. This feels really nice and even better than some big publisher decks! It bends well, shuffles great despite it being only 22 cards. I’m really pleased with the quality! I’m guessing this is the 330gsm, but I could be wrong so don’t quote me, haha!

Speaking of cardstock options over at, they also have a linen option and plastic card option.


I flippin’ love the images on each card. It looks to be done in digital collage style but you would never know, the images blend really well. This deck is bright, colorful and playful as hell. It features nearly all the characters we grew up loving, some I forgot all about like the aliens and fashion fruit.

The Lisa Frank Tarot is such a cute addition to your collection and it actually reads pretty well, especially when you think outside of the box and really try to stretch your imagination. None of the cards feel like they just had random images placed on them, the images used actually fit really well with the cards they are on.


Here’s some not so great news for those who like deck packaging… there really isn’t any. The deck comes shrink wrapped and that’s about it. This makes it a perfect candidate to slip it into a custom bag or make your own! Go full DIY on this baby!

Also, there is no guidebook but it follows the RWS system, only with a sweet twist! If you prefer to use a book with your readings, you can use any of your favorite tarot books easily.


So much color, so much nostalgia! This deck is pure candy and I really enjoy having it in my collection. This is a deck that I won’t grab for often, but will keep it for special moments when I need more fun on the table for sure!

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