Deck Name: Indigo Alchemist tarot
Creator(s): Heather Blumenthal
Publisher & Year: Self-Published, 2018

You can always tell when a lot of extra love and care was put into creating a deck. When the Indigo Alchemist Tarot caught my eye, I could quickly see that this was one of those decks. The artwork instantly felt very personal and direct, it has a “take you by the hand” energy and it feels like home. I only come across decks that feel like this for me every now and then, so when they do show up I take notice and invite them in.

The Indigo Alchemist Tarot was painted, written and created in 2017 by artist Heather Blumenthal and was released earlier in 2018. It is now on its 2nd printing! The deck was beautifully created and designed, all the way down to the packaging! It’s truly a gift to own and use, the cards each feature symbolic messages and imagery, as well as magic and alchemy. Heather created this deck as a tool for herself and I’m so glad she decided to share it with us all!

The cards measure roughly at: 3.5” x 4.75”.


There are a handful of cards from each suit that I love, including the Major Arcana, handfuls of those as well! I had to narrow it down to just a few or we would be here all day, trust me. I’m really drawn to cards that speak for themself or give off a new perspective or twist to cards more familiar to me.

I was quickly drawn to the 7 of Wands. That attitude of not giving a shit resonates so deeply with me it’s scary! Sometimes the easiest way to show what our boundaries are is by using a simple gesture and move on. We don’t need to explain ourselves to anyone and we don’t owe anyone a damn thing.

The Moon was next that grabbed me as very unique! I resorted to the guidebook to get an idea of what Heather was thinking when she created this card and it felt so perfect:

“… dive down into the watery abyss of your spirit”

The Moon

I love this! The moon imagery reminds me of a giant pearl resting on the ocean floor under the spotlight. It beckons me to trust my gut and know that what I feel is real.

Lastly, the 2 of Pentacles is a very recognizable image but twisted ever so slightly. It’s a card of balance, a balance that can be very tricky to keep in harmony. Anything can offset this to make it all come tumbling down. As a mother, wife, artist and constant “doer of things”, I struggle with balance daily! It’s a never-ending ordeal but when things are running smooth and in good order, it feels so damn good!


I really like the cardstock of this deck, it’s bendy but not too thin so it makes for very easy shuffling. I’m a fan of more thinner cardstock and this deck fits the bill for me! The card size is a bit larger than your standard deck but still fits very comfortably in your hands.

The Indigo Alchemist Tarot shuffles like butter, both overhand and rifle. I’m pretty rough with my cards and so far it has handled incredibly well. Though I will say that since the card fronts have black borders, you may see a bit of wear or chipping with use but that is to be expected with most decks that feature black borders or black backs. It’s not an issue at all for me and I rather like the black bordered over white anyday. Besides, worn decks show character!


I’m a big fan of bold, bright and vibrant art despite the fact that I live and thrive in black and gray daily. My decks tend to fill in the gap of color that I don’t wear, haha! I have to say, the card backs are one of my favorite features of this deck, I’m a sucker for chartreuse green and I use it often in my own art, I just love that color. I also like the color palette that Heather used in this deck, it all ties together very well and the cards blend together beautifully!

One of my favorite source of imagery in this deck was how the Page cards were presented. The way Heather designed the Page cards was brilliant in my eyes, they are all done as scrolls that invite the reader or seeker to embrace the cards element.

“Here ye! Here ye! All princesses and princes you are formally invited to get lost in your emotional inspirations and follow your dreams.”

Page of Cups


The Indigo Alchemist Tarot comes with a booklet that gives the reader interpretations coming straight from the artist herself, and also provides extra information about each card. Heather has included planetary, astrology and elemental notes for most of the cards and I found it pretty interesting! The guidebook is well written and is a great addition when reading the cards, I didn’t find that the booklet pulled me away from my own interpretations but rather added another layer to them.

I simply adore how the deck was packaged! Each deck comes with a blue drawstring bag that has a sewn fabric logo stamp on the front. I love when decks come with either sturdy boxes or their own bags, it’s a lovely addition and presents itself so well!


This deck is very unique and artistically created, I can tell Heather put a lot of love and pride into each card. The deck itself reads very well and I’m having a lot of fun working with it!

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