Hungry Demon Tarot

Deck Name: Hungry Demon Tarot
Creator(s): Mark Spalding
Publisher & Year: Indie, 2019
Availability: Message the creator HERE

I’m always on the hunt for unusual and clever decks, especially ones with a good sense of humor who like to shock you a bit! There are so many decks on the market that theme around seriousness… but life isn’t always so serious, and I prefer lighter decks that pick fun at our day-to-day human lives. The Hungry Demon Tarot takes the cake for me when it comes to dark humor and it’s clever undertones! You can’t help but crack a smile when reading with this deck, I know I had a great time going over the cards with my husband!

Oh, Mylanta is this a great deck! The Hungry Demon Tarot was created by Mark Spalding earlier this year. It takes a stab at traditional tarot themes and puts a humorous twist on the cards that in fact read quite well! Most of the illustrations are for sure NSFW but that’s the great fun of this deck. It’s light and brings some fun atmosphere to the tarot table.

The cards measure roughly at: 4” x 6”


So many good cards in this deck, it made it difficult to limit to just a few! A couple cards really caught my attention and screamed to be featured!

3 of WANDS // I loved what the creator said about this card on his Instagram page… “you are becoming more aware of the opportunities that exist for you right now”. It almost reminds me that no matter what you surround yourself in, there will always be something else just under your nose that you may not see until you really take a closer look.

6 OF CUPS // This card was an instant love for me! My husband is a big Dead Head and this card is simply perfect! Nostalgia is on point with this card, remembering the good times and moments that really made you feel good.

4 OF SWORDS // Forget taking a rest, get yourself pampered! Treat yourself to some relaxation and make it all about you, and only you.


I like a really good cardstock and I have to say, this is where this deck shines! The cardstock feels incredibly nice, by far the best I’ve felt in awhile. It shuffles well and just feels like butter. The cards are on the larger size, 4”x6”, but I got word that a smaller deck is in the works! I don’t mind the size too much as I have very long hands, but some may find it a bit difficult.

It shuffles very smooth and fans out without any effort. It’s glorious and I really love the card feel!


I touched on this a little bit above, the cards are for sure NSFW but don’t let that hinder you! I find the illustrations to be well executed and love the hand sketched nature of the art. I can tell a lot of attention went into each card, you get the twisted humor but also the traditional feel of the interpretations. It’s cleverly done!

The cards feature stoners, nudity, and a spin on our daily life. The images bring things down to earth and create a humorous feel. I instantly thought that this deck would be great for adult parties, bars and drinks with friends.

The illustrations look to be done with colored pencil, they are very smooth and vibrant. I love how some of the imagery pops out of the borders, like the illustrations are jumping right off the card.

The card backs are similar to the box design and feature a red and yellow illustration. I love the contrast between the card fronts and backs, they just work really well!


The Hungry Demon Tarot does not come with a guidebook but I find the cards to be pretty self explanatory when it comes to the illustrations. It’s quite easy to dive into each card, a lot of the imagery is very memorable as well. Mark has talked about many of the cards over on his Instagram page, so be sure to check that out (link at bottom)!

I really love the box design, many of us will recognize the imagery… Zig Zags! The box fits the theme of the deck perfectly and as far as tuck boxes go, it’s pretty nice and sturdy!


If you like dark humor and a twist to the tarot that we’re all familiar with, you will get a kick out of this deck! Don’t let the humor fool you, this deck reads really well and can be taken serious as well. When all laughs are set aside, you can dive deep into each card and pull out a plethora of information. The imagery really speaks volumes!

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