Deck Name: Homestuck Tarot
Creator(s): Andrew Hussey and 39 artists
Publisher & Year: Self-Published, What Pumpkin Studios 2012

When I first got into tarot, like many, I became obsessed with buying decks. I wanted to see different versions to compare and contrast with, I was also on the hunt for a deck that really spoke to me. That was when I came across the Homestuck Tarot. I was instantly obsessed and ordered it right away. The deck was created as a collaboration of 39 different artists, the edition I have is no longer in print but the deck has since been redone and published with over 50 artists now!

The Homestuck Tarot is a fandome deck inspired by the Homestuck webcomic. This webcomic was written, illustrated and animated by Andrew Hussie and was launched back in 2009. The Homestuck webcomic is about a young boy, his friends and a game they all play together. It’s made of gifs, chats, comics, games, music and more!

The artwork in this deck was what originally drew me in. I love how it was created and some of the cards (especially the court cards) really take on a fresh twist to the RWS system that we all know and love. While most of the cards stay true to RWS style, a few cards do veer off on their own slightly.

The cards are standard size 2.75” x 4.75”


The Homestuck Tarot has some of my favorite court cards, one specifically is the King of Cups. I always view this card as a more fatherly figure and they are depicted perfectly in this deck! It captures a sweet moment of a person getting ready for the day, I like to think they are dressing for work. Their window is glowing from the morning sun and they have their pipe smoking, which I associate to a calm and relaxed state.

Another card that really speaks to me in this deck is the Star. I’ve been drawn to the Star card more and more as of late, I just love the energy illustrated in this card. The Star’s interpretation changes for me from deck to deck. The people depicted in this card have such a calm and serene look upon their faces. To me, it speaks about living in the moment and just finding pleasure in the mundane tasks that many people take for granted.

The 10 of Swords is yet another card that lures me in. You can almost feel the energy of this card, it’s striking. Normally this card illustrates a person laying on the ground with swords sticking out of their back, but in the Homestuck Tarot they are still on their knees having yet to fall down. It’s like the feeling of being defeated but still wanting to go on. It’s a moment to pause and endure whatever you are going through, a moment of surrender.


This deck has been with me for several years and has been used a lot! The cardstock, while not amazing, has held up very well. It’s still smooth and shuffles great! The recent version of this deck has changed cardstock, so be mindful of that, I hear it’s on the thinner side.


Being a collaborative deck, the artwork varies from card to card and that’s the thing I love most about this deck! I’m a sucker for mixed artist decks, it adds so much personality to the cards and a reading. The art appears to be all digital but some cards do look like they were created by hand, I couldn’t seem to find more information on the art process itself. The colors are vibrant and I love the use of light being illustrated in some of the cards. I really love the mixed look of the deck but the fact that the deck flows very well together, it feels almost seamless. If you didn’t know the deck was a collaboration, I don’t think you would notice. It just blends really nicely!

The imagery features themes of real life, imaginary scenes, sci-fi/fantasy, the mundane and so much more! I think the deck really pays tribute to the Homestuck webcomic very well, it was created for fans by fans!


The deck did come with a little white book that mentions all the artists involved and standard keyword interpretations of each card. It was pretty standard as far as little white books go.

The deck was packaged in a simple tuck box, which has held up very well over the years without ripping. That’s quite amazing for a tuck box, if I do say so myself!


After years of owning this deck, I still grab it from time to time when I need a fresh perspective of the cards. It never fails me and always brings a lot of fun to the table when reading with it. It’s a fun deck to add to your collection and the new edition of this deck features over 50+ artists now!

⤳ Find the new version of this deck HERE