Deck Name: Golden Thread Lenormand
Creator(s): Tina Gong
Publisher & Year: Labyrinthos Co. 2018

When I started diving back into learning lenormand, I didn’t plan on buying many decks. I was quite happy with the three little decks I had but there was still one deck that I wanted to add to my tiny lenny family, the Golden Thread Lenormand by Tina Gong of Labyrinthos. I’m a big fan of the Golden Thread Tarot, a deck I use often, so I knew I would fall in love with the lenormand version… and I did! I’m completely smitten by this little deck!

The Golden Thread and I got along very well, right out of the box. The first reading I did with this deck was on point and clear. I love the distraction free imagery and vectored lines, not to mention the gold gilding that catches the light at just the right moments. The gold gilding breathes life into the cards.

The cards are bridge size and measure roughly at: 2.25” x 3.5”


When working with a lenormand deck, there are three cards I like to see before I decide if I want to buy it or not. These cards are the Scythe, Clouds and Whip/Rod. They make or break a deck for me and it’s mostly aesthetics since lenormand has fixed meanings, unlike in tarot. I’m more picky with lenormand decks than I am with tarot decks… gasp!

Oddly enough, the Scythe card is one of my favorite cards in lenormand. I just love the symbolism of a scythe in general, that cutting away energy. In lenormand the Scythe can mean just that – severing, cutting away, or even a sharp tool. I also see this card as a harvest, so having the wheat in the card is a great mental trigger for me in remembering the meaning of this card!

When it comes to the Clouds card, I really love seeing the storm clouds in this card. Sometimes this card can be literally storms or a fog, I like to see that storm brewing rather than just some fluffy white clouds.

Lastly, Whip or Rod, another odd favorite for me. Whip or Rod is also known for repetition and in this card you can see the cycle like circle in the background. The circle reminds me of a saw blade, that continuing motion that just keeps going. This instantly reminds me of repetitive motions, and the teardrops give me a sense of strife and conflict.


The Golden Thread Lenormand is made of recycled plastic, which makes it perfect for getting wet or cleaning. It took me awhile to get on board with using decks made of plastic cardstock, I just prefer paper cardstock, but this deck finally sold me. I just really love the shuffle factor of the cards, I can’t quite explain it but it’s magical and so satisfying to run the cards through your hands! It shuffles like butter, I’m not kidding. It’s glorious! The cards haven’t bent out of shape at all, they have taken a riffle shuffle like a beast and just bounce really well.


As I touched on this earlier, the Golden Thread Lenormand has gold gilded linework and it’s stunningly beautiful! The cards can be a bit tricky to photograph if the light isn’t on them just right in order to pick up the lines, but that’s very minor and just a personal quirk. The vector styled illustrations are clear, crisp and are in a minimal design. The aesthetics of this deck is extremely pleasing to the eyes! When it comes to lenormand decks, I prefer a distraction free image, this deck has just that. The cards themselves are a matte black which makes the gold pop like a light, and are soft to the touch.

Like many lenormand decks showing up on the market these days, this deck comes with an extra Man and Woman card. I love it when decks come with extra cards like these! In the Golden Thread Lenormand you get the option between fully clothed or nude, I prefer the nude… they are too flippin’ cute!


When it comes to guidebook, this deck does come with an accordian style booklet but you can use any lenormand book with the deck since they have set meanings. The booklet is great if you are just starting out and it will give you some keywords to get you going as well as a breakdown of some spreads.

The box is just gorgeous! It features a magnetic closure and matches the decks aesthetics. This box is perfect to store and keep your cards in unlike tuck boxes that fall apart easy. Labyrinthos has outstanding packaging and they really know how to do a deck justice!


I’ve been using this deck for my daily lenormand practice and I’m in love! It’s quickly became the deck that I grab first and work with the most. Between the imagery and the cardstock, it’s truly a gorgeous deck to work with and it brings me great joy when laying down the cards.

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