In the world of tarot, you can find decks created in nearly every art medium including photography, painting, digital art, drawing, and lettering are just a start. One of my absolute favorite art mediums to see being used in creating tarot decks is collage art! I’m a collage artist myself and I‘m very drawn to how others use collage to create their decks. As no two artists are the same, this goes for collage as well!

Even within collage art, there are other art mediums that can be utilized and combined to create different techniques to add layers and depth to enrich the stories being played out in the cards. I find that when I personally work with collage, I get a huge sense of freedom! The materials that can be used are endless and there are no rules, especially if you have access to a printer and can print from home. You don’t have to just stick with cutting paper and magazines, you can repaint the pieces, add to them, write on them and alter them in anyway you can imagine.

I’ve been seeing more and more indie published decks featuring collage and it makes me so incredibly happy to see! Here are just a few of my favorite collage art decks right now:


The Spolia Tarot is one of my favorite collage decks to date. The name “spolia” literally means to use rubble as building material. The artist behind this gorgeous deck was Jen May, the attention to detail within the cards are truly amazing and was all captured with collage. The guidebook was written by Jessa Crispin, what a team this was! The Spolia Tarot features historical figures, floral arrangements, snakes and so much more. Each card is like holding a tiny art gallery in your hands. From what I can see, this deck was created with a cut and paste style collage, meaning each image in the card was hand-cut from photos, paper and other printed media.


I’m a big fan of Mary Elizabeth Evan’s art and decks, she is the creator behind the Spirit Speak Tarot, Divina Tarot, and several others including the Road to Nowhere Oracle. This oracle deck is currently her only collage deck and I hope it isn’t her last, it’s amazing! It looks like it was created with a cut and paste style collage, much like the Spolia Tarot. The images just pop right off the card, especially with the gorgeous goldenrod borders Mary added to the cards.


Another amazing deck that I wish to include in this mini list is the Dust ll Onyx, which was created by Courtney Alexander. This deep and beautiful deck was created using mixed media collage. The layering that Courtney does is breathtaking and adds so much depth and richness to the imagery! Her artwork truly captures the emotion with a touch of mystery, it pulls you in closer every time you turn a card over.

Photo credit to Havana of Sparkle Divine Tarot


The Guided Hand Tarot by Irene Mudd is a recent release and it really caught my eye, it’s stunning! This deck features hand-collaged cards in the themes of ancient symbolism taken from a queer, feminist perspective and also tackles gender binaries. I adore Irene’s work and what she created. She mixes other mediums in with her collage to create striking and unique works of art, her deck is absolutely gorgeous and extraordinary!


There are many other collage decks that were not mentioned above, I invite you to do some exploring on your own but I’ll start you off with a list: Lioness Oracle and Tarot, Textured Tarot, Frau Grand Duchess, Shrine of the Black Medusa, Lydia’s Tarot, Our Tarot and many others!


A fun way to get to see tarot through your eyes is to create your own card! Using collage, create a brand spankin’ new court card. It can be you, someone you know or totally fiction, have fun with it. You can use any material you wish, mix things up and get really creative. There are no rules, so allow your creativity to flow and see where it takes you.

Here is a list of materials to get you started:

  • old magazines or catalogues
  • glue (I highly recommend Elmers X-Treme glue stick, it’s what I use)
  • scissors or just tear with your hands
  • stickers, glitter and washi tape
  • paint, colored pencils, markers, pens and even spray paint (go crazy!)
  • printer paper, sketchbook or even an old playing card to collage on to

If you decide to try this fun activity, which I hope you, be sure to tag us on Instagram with #IDRcollage so we can see what you have created and you might even get featured on our Instagram Stories! I know we would absolutely love to see your gorgeous collage!