There’s no secret that I absolutely love everything Mary Elizabeth Evans creates. Her artwork speaks volumes to me and I’ve been a fan of her work for years! Mary is pure magic and you can feel that in her decks and artwork. When the Divina Tarot came out in 2017, it instantly caught my attention.

The Divina Tarot is a sequel to one of my favorite decks, the Spirit Speak Tarot, so it was only natural that I needed to have this deck. Just like Spirit Speak, this deck is all in black and white. The imagery reminds me of pencil sketches and I love it! She created the cards’ imagery with pen, ink and grayscale watercolors. It’s full of soft shading, symbolism and layers to unfold. It’s truly a unique and beautiful deck.

These cards are around poker size and measure at 2.5” x 3.5”.

Favorite Cards

Often the Chariot and Strength card have a similar vibe for me, they go hand in hand. I feel you need inner strength and that boost of confidence of the Strength card to fuel your drive in the Chariot. The Chariot in the Divina Tarot seems to contain both of these cards for me and I love that. Here you have two hands holding up a barbell. It shows that you do have it in you, you just don’t realize it. You can indeed do hard things if you put your mind to it! Love this card’s energy!

Another card from this deck that speaks clearly to me is the 5 of Wands. It’s imagery is so spot on with how I read this card:  hot headed disaster! When things are heated, it can often go right to your head and cause you to lose your train of thought. We end up throwing anything “rational” right out the window when shit hits the fan and all we can see is red. We are amped up and pumped full of rage and we want to act on it, not think.

I could go on and on about the cards in this deck and how much I adore the imagery, but I’ll just mention one more. The Knight of Swords in this deck is charming! Normally depicted on a horse and full of forward thinking movement, but here he has a cautious hand reaching out from below to grab a giant sword, all under a careful eye. I get a strong feeling of intimidation from this card, not something I usually get from other decks. I love what Mary wrote in the guidebook about this card and the constant movement of this Knight’s mind:

“Their ideas sometimes plant a seed within you that sprouts a new way of thinking. It is time to change, your expansion is necessary for the next step”

– Divina Tarot Guidebook

Card Stock + Shuffling

The card stock of the Divina Tarot is a bit stiff but still bendy, if that makes sense. It shuffles well when side shuffling but can be a bit tricky to riffle shuffle, but not impossible. Once the cards are “broken in” a bit they riffle pretty well. As a picky shuffler, this deck works for me just fine. The card stock in general is a nice finish and I can tell that these cards will hold up very well with time.

Card Imagery

I mentioned this a little above, the deck contains all black and white grayscale imagery. It really gives off a pencil sketched feel and I really enjoy that. It’s unique and stands out in a reading. The cards are loaded with symbols including stars, water drops, eyes, hands, flowers and more. The imagery really expresses each card well and even a new reader can easily pick up the card meanings without having to look at the guidebook. The cards also read beautifully just based on intuition, there is so much to pick up on in each card!

I also really like that the imagery is very gender neutral; the people are often depicted with stars for heads in some cards, and even the cards with human faces leave so much room for personal connection. The “star people” remind me of one of my favorite quotes.

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff.” – Carl Sagan

The card backs are so sweet! They feature a star-headed angel sprinkling stardust and are reversible so you can’t tell which direction the card is facing before you pull.

Guidebook + Packaging

I love the little guidebook that comes with the deck; Mary always has such amazing and interesting thoughts about the cards. I feel like the interpretations of the cards don’t hinder your own insights but only add more layers to them. The guidebook goes straight to the card meanings and nothing else, I really love books like this! It contains an image of each card and a paragraph about it.

The box the deck comes with is solid and sturdy. I really wish all decks came in boxes such as these, they hold up well and look great on your shelf or desk. As I mentioned, the box holds both the deck and the guidebook, score! The box is covered in little doodles and drawings taken from the card imagery.


If you can’t tell, I’m quite smitten with this deck. It reads beautifully and pairs up so well with other tarot and oracle cards in a reading. The imagery is very extraordinary in all the best ways! I honestly think that this deck would work well for all readers, no matter if you are well seasoned or just starting out. It’s a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection and really pushes you to use your intuition.

Also, Mary mentioned that she has a new deck coming out soon so keep your eyes open for that! It already looks amazing and I know I will be adding it to my collection!

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** The fabric shown in the pictures was created by Marisa de la Peña of Circo Tarot