Dark Mansion Tarot

Deck Name: Dark Mansion Tarot
Creator(s): Krzysztof Wasiuk (producer/founder) & Magdalena Kaczan (artist)
Creator(s): Krzysztof Wasiuk (producer/founder) & Magdalena Kaczan (artist)
Publisher & Year: Taroteca Studio, 2018

Some decks catch my attention instantly, while others have to earn it. That sounds a bit harsh, huh? When the Dark Mansion Tarot went up for presale, deep down I wanted it… I wanted it so bad! However, I resisted because I knew it would take quite some time to arrive and I like instant gratification, Amazon has spoiled us all! Let’s face it! Then, one morning I woke up thinking about this deck and the first image I saw on Instagram that day was, naturally, a card from the Dark Mansion Tarot. I had to have it, now! Let’s just say, I’m so damn happy that I finally caved. This deck has taken my breath away and is instantly one of my favorite decks!

The Dark Mansion Tarot was created in Poland by Taroteca Studio founder, Krzysztof Wasiuk, and the talented artist, Magdelena Kaczan, in 2018. There is both a regular edition, the one I have, and a limited edition version, one I want!

Right out of the box, this deck had my eyes glued to each card. The stories come alive and speak for themselves. The Dark Mansion Tarot reads like a dream and feels like butter in your hands. It’s delicious! The deck sticks to the Rider Waite system and I think it would be great for readers of all levels. Right away, the deck and I formed and instant connection!

The cards measure roughly at: 3” x 4.75”.


Can we just say, all the cards are my favorite? No, ok. I really had to really sit with this deck to figure out which cards I wanted to feature here, they are all so individually gorgeous and all so unique on their own.

Lately, I’ve been very drawn to the Tower card in a deck so it’s one I’ve been looking at first when deciding whether or not to buy a deck. I adore this quirky Tower card in the deck! Looking at how the building was standing, it wasn’t even going to withstand the wind. The Tower is a reminder that if we cling too hard, we will go down with it all. It’s best to let go and let it fall, start over stronger and smarter.

The 6 of Wands is another card that surprised me. Normally when you think of wedding, you think of the 4 of Wands but I find a wedding to be a perfect interpretation of this card. I remember my wedding like it was yesterday, it was our day to be celebrated and put in the spotlight. All eyes are on the bride and groom. Not to mention, you’re surrounded by those who have supported your journey from the beginning. A wedding is not just for you, but for your family and friends. It’s a way to say thank you, celebrate with us!

My absolute favorite card in this deck is now my favorite card in any deck, the 9 of Swords. I can’t tell you enough how much I love the illustration of this card and interpretation of it. It gives me serious Oogie Boogie vibes… Nightmare Before Christmas, anyone? The nightmares lurking within these cardstock borders is enough to give anyone anxiety and chills. From the color pallete to design, it’s breathtaking.


With so many indie decks on the market these days, cardstock varies quite a bit. The Dark Mansion Tarot has outstanding cardstock! It’s satin, thick and luscious. It shuffles like butter and slides through your hands like silk. The edges are black and I heard that they will not fade with use, I’m going to assume the cards contain a black core and if so, it was a wise choice! I’m a diehard riffle shuffler and don’t think I’ll ever change, I can riffle this deck quite easily which made my hands quite pleased. This deck takes the cake when it comes to quality and cardstock goes!


I really don’t want to say it but I will, this deck has a very Tim Burton feel to it but it’s still uniquely its own and has its own flair and style. I also get Tarot le Noir vibes from the faces and style of the figures, another Burton-esque deck. The art in general is vivid, bold, and clear. I feel like the dark Mansion Tarot is great for year round readings and not just the darker months. Though, I’m a “halloween everyday” type of person!

The card backs are stunning and each edition has a different style and look. I really like the card backs on this version best and looks beautiful against the black edging! The limited edition features a gold edging, while this regular edition has black.

While this deck has a fun, whimsical design, it can give you a serious reading. It reads very intuitively and, like I already mentioned, it follows the Rider Waite system closely. So if you’re familiar with that system already, it should be a breeze to get to know.


One thing to note, this deck does not come with a guidebook of any kind and it really doesn’t need one, at least I don’t think. I for sure would love to have heard the artist insights to some of the cards but I’m fine without it. The cards speak for themselves very well and if you feel that you really need a book, any one of your favorite tarot books will work just fine.

The regular edition comes in a gorgeous box that features a tarot reader and gold gilded lettering. The box is nice and sturdy! The limited edition comes with an upgraded wooden box, which is equally gorgeous as well!


I think it’s pretty obvious how I feel about this deck, I feel like I was hit by Cupid’s arrow when I opened it up! I could not be happier with this deck and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. If I were to give it a star rating, it would get a million stars… really, I’m not kidding. If you have been on the fence about ordering, let this review be your little sign that you need it in your life, right now!

Where to buy –  www.taroteca-studio.com/en_US/c/Tarot-Decks/13
Creators website – www.taroteca-studio.com
Instagram – www.instagram.com/taroteca_studio
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TarotecaStudio