So, I have a confession to make. I don’t really love drawstring bags as a choice to store decks. I know, I know there are so many beautiful options out there. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them, far from it in fact, I used to make my own bags and store my decks in them. My main issues with drawstring deck bags are they tend to be loose without structure, they collect dust, and they hide my decks away from my attention. I like to stack my deck boxes in the way a Tetris champion might. I take care to fill all gaps and utilize every cubic centimeter of available space. I burn a LOT of sage and incense and as a result smoke and dust can add up and unfortunately it is difficult to wipe off dust from porous fabrics. I am very much of the mindset that if it is out of sight, it is out of mind. I have hidden things from myself for years because I dared to “put them away”.

Anyway, this is a rather roundabout way to say I don’t make it a point to purchase cloth storage bags for my decks but Potter’s wrap tempted me. It is constructed from two printed fabrics, one of gothic style cameos with skulls and skeletons in blacks, white, greys, and bit of orange set against a backdrop of purple scrollwork. The second fabric is a solid black background peeking through the silvery sparkle of interwoven spiderwebs. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sparkle. The band that functions as a closure is also a silver sparkly type of fabric. At first, I was concerned it was glitter because, glitter fall out, but it is a stretchy elastic. Potter has cast a discerning eye towards detail as the whole wrap is sewn together using a silver thread, I love sparkle.

One of my favorite things about Potter’s wrap is the functionality and versatility of it. If you’re like me, skeletons and the macabre are appropriate all year long however I understand that some people tend to think of these as Halloweeny. Spiders could also lean towards Halloween décor but I feel like spiders could be acceptable throughout the year. So, I appreciate the fact that Potter’s wrap is reversible. I also loved the size of this wrap. At 6.25 inches wide, it can accommodate most standard decks. If you are into One, Two, or Three card quickies this wrap also functions as a spread cloth, which is super convenient if you ask me. I found that if I rolled my deck tightly enough in the wrap that it could be stacked and the unique fabric choices would stand out in my collection, in other words I didn’t lose it because it wasn’t out of my sight or lost among my collection.

Now my personal “purse” deck or deck on the go, is the Morgan Greer Tarot in a tin for the simple fact that it is portable and protected. It never really occurred to me that I could decant my decks into a wrap which would provide the same durability while also providing a reading surface, go figure. Anyway, while using Potter’s wrap I found myself getting much more use out of my deck collection because I was able to confidently travel around without worrying about the safety of my precious decks. While I can’t say that I am a complete fan of fabric-based deck storage, I can say that Potter’s wrap has opened my mind.

You can find Potter’s limited edition tarot accessories (and request commissioned pieces) at their Instagram, here