Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action
Created and Published by Lisa de St. Croix

Recently a lot of discussion about goddess decks has been happening within the tarot community. Many people are starting to question the intent behind the creation of certain decks and whether the images used to portray specific deities have been misappropriated. Personally, I’ve been questioning the authenticity of many goddess decks for several years and I’ve begun to thin out my collection of goddess decks that feel disingenuous. In the meantime, Lisa de St. Croix was in the process of creating a deck featuring goddesses from many pantheons from across the globe. I followed the creation of Lisa’s newest deck hoping that it would satisfy my desire for a goddess deck with depth. Having already owned the Tarot de St. Croix, I trusted the intention behind Lisa de St. Croix’s creation process and was pleased to receive Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action earlier this year.

Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action is comprised of thirty-three round cards which feature the original art of Lisa de St. Croix. Upon opening the sturdy lift top box, I was immediately struck by the vibrant colors used for the background of each card. The colors span the spectrum of the rainbow and they feel like an aura halo surrounding the goddess in the center of each card. From the bright, hot red for Pele, to the calming green for Persephone, or the tranquil blues used for Yemaya, the colors of the cards set the tone for the energy of each goddess. The cardstock of this deck is a standard stock with a sturdy core and matte finish on both sides of the cards. 

The next detail that caught my attention was the fact that this deck is double sided. As previously mentioned, the cards feature an intimately detailed depiction of each goddess but the back of each card features a composition written in the voice of each goddess. This is probably one of my favorite ways to receive the message from an oracle deck. It feels as if the goddesses are speaking to me through the oracle. I geek out over details like this because that’s exactly what the function of an oracle was in ancient times. Below the written oracle is a smaller round image which references the goddess and the image on the face of the card and below this image coin is the intended action which ties into the theme of the card and message. Because of these features, Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action does not have a guidebook. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything without a guidebook because the messages on each card so clear.

The diversity and representation of global deities in this deck should be an example of what all goddess decks strive for. In a perfect world I’d have a deck that featured every goddess and all their subsequent renditions throughout time based on the culture exchanges but that would be a deck so large it would probably be impossible to produce affordably on a large scale and a bit overwhelming. Invoking the Goddess oracle and Action does this on a smaller scale in a practical and portable way. Within this deck are old favorites which are common in many goddess decks and new faces which I’ve never seen in another goddess deck before. I also appreciate that not every goddess featured is some level of unattainable beauty. Considering the fact that not everyone has a chariot driven by cats, I feel like the human forms of these goddesses could be people I meet on the streets. There are also goddess without human form which excites me because I feel like in early human history a goddess was represented by an idea and the item, place, or animal she was attributed to. She would not have been represented in a human form till later in human history. Overall, I find the depictions of each goddess to bea modern interpretation of ancient imagery.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I’ve been much more conscientious of which goddess decks I choose to add to my collection. I want to make sure they represent the idea, energy, diversity, and intention of the goddess instead of pretty pictures of hyper feminized beauties. With Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action, Lisa de St. Croix has created a deck I am proud to include in my collection and one I feel comfortable using regularly.

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