We so enjoyed working with the Wisdom of Natural Hair deck that we reached out to Kamse Makeda Wisdom to find out more about her, and her deck.

IDR:   What was it about your gateway decks made you want to stick with tarot?

MW: Tarot has always fascinated me so I did not need anything to keep me going back to it. Mostly, I love the art behind the decks, that is what attracted me to tarot and to having an ever growing collection I should probably down size. 

IDR:  How did your Gateway Deck influence your tarot preferences and reading style?

MW: I am more of an intuitive reader than a technical one. I let the images speak to me. This may be why I don’t use Lenormand system and also enjoy oracle decks. Also, I have many variations of the Rider Waite as I enjoy the different interpretations.

IDR:   Do you still read with/have that deck?

MW:I have a very large ever-growing collection and still own my first decks, even though I should probably downsize my collection as I own almost 100 decks.

IDR:  What are the pieces of you that you’ve imprinted in your cards and/or book?

MW: As I read with different deck based on season and mood, the cards must be very telling on this. For example, I use darker decks for shadow work and they do have a very distinct energy for me than my regular deck or decks I use to cultivate unconditional love.  

IDR:  If your friends were tarot cards, who would they be?

MW: My best friend would be the Hermit, it is often the card that sells a deck to me

IDR:  What prompted you to create your own deck/book?

MW: The creation of my own deck came as a calling. The cards came to me in dreams and visions and I could not find any rest until I committed to give them life by creating them. I say it was a calling because the moment I committed everything fell into place, the financing, the artist, everything was done organically. I met the people I was supposed to meet and the deck was produced seemingly. Each part of the deck spoke to what the deck wanted to be and to reach the people it needed to reach. I was happy to have been selected to take part in this process, I say so because I discovered each card as it was released to me. 

My deck came at a time I was mentoring many women considering or who had to start their journey to rediscover themselves and their natural hair so a lot of it is around this journey. The deck also speaks about African cultures around the world and principles that are common in most African cultures and spirituality. The beautiful art work by Kira The Artist captured so many detailed hair styles, skin tones and expressions that all complement each other to create a spectrum. Clients have used the deck for readings alone or in combination of other decks, they have used it as oracle cards and others simply for inspiration in the course of their natural hair journey or self-discovery journey.

IDR:  What is your favorite thing about your creation?

MW: To me creation is a form of expression, a profound one. It enables me to let the Universe or what is often referred to as the Infinite intelligence speak through, it is often collaborative and inspiring as much for those it is intended for as for myself going through the process. Creation is an art of its own and a very rewarding one at that. 

IDR: Where do you go for inspiration?

MW: My inspiration comes from the ether. It may sound cliché but it is often a combination of who come to me and for what reason and the divine inspiration that flows when something needs to come to life as a result of others seeking it. My art is not a finality in itself but serves a greater purpose

IDR:  Tell us about your favorite card, please.

MW: My favorite card is the Hermit. I’m a Virgo and this card is intimately related to my sign and never disappoint in a deck. The symbolism of this card concord with many aspects of myself and it is always the first card I look at when considering a deck. Usually, if I love that card, I love the deck.

IDR:  What deck is at the top of your wishlist?

MW: Hmmm, there are too many to take a pick. With having almost 100 decks, there is really no top for me, they all stand for something different and often complement each other in what I look for or need at a particular moment.

IDR:  If a Deck granting Magic Being appeared at your door, what is the deck you’d ask them for?

MW: If it came I would think it is to give me a deck that is seeking me so I would not ask them for a specific deck but rather asked to be offered a deck that seeks to be with me at this moment of my journey. 

IDR:  What is the most difficult card in your deck, and what is the most difficult card for you to read for yourself?

MW: There is no most difficult card in my deck. However, depending on where you are one or more card can be seen as more difficult because it raised something more challenging to consider. Clients have often referred to the transformation card as a difficult one. For me, the difficulty does not come from the card but rather the experience I may be having or the time in my journey. Thus, any card can be seen as difficult at any given reading. 

IDR:  Do you find that tarot pops up in unexpected places?

MW: Tarot has been all around me since being a child, so it is never unexpected for me. I actually always smile when it presents itself in various form and in various place and even from people you would expect the least to speak or care for it. It certainly makes the journey more interesting. 

IDR:  What is your favorite part of the creation process?

MW: The moment when you go from a simple thought or idea to the moment that you realize this is something that wants to be alive. This as best as I can put it into words. The birthing process is also an important one for me, to contemplate this thought take for and take a life of its own never stops amazing me. I see it with my deck but also with my videos and certain social media posts. They literally take a life of their own and go places and circles I have never been. It is fascinating to witness.

IDR:  What are things you’d like us to know about upcoming works?

MW: Among the many projects I have, working more in a real-time interactive way with those interested in my work has been my calling at the moment. I am creating an online service for women seeking my teachings on African spirituality and personal development infused with the ways of my tribe (the Bamileke). I am from Cameroon so it is always an honor for me to share what I can share with those who seek to know. Other than that, I will be making more videos on my YouTube channel “Makeda Wisdom” as I have taken some time off and I am the most active on Facebook (under Kamse Makeda Wisdom).

“The cards are tools and you are the magic behind them”

Kamse Makeda Wisdom’s, Wisdom of Natural Hair, can be found here h

The cards are tools and you are the magic behind them – Kamse Makeda Wisdom