Black Rebirth Major Arcana Tarot

Deck Name: Black Rebirth Major Arcana Tarot
Creator: Yolanda V. Acree
Published: Independently, 2019
Availability: at

As a child I was fascinated with fashion, and fashion imagery. I loved seeing how designers would use their magic to transform a person’s body, image, and attitude with a simple cut of a pattern. As much as I enjoyed consuming fashion magazines, and editorial images my enthusiasm was shadowed with the understanding that I would probably not see many images of strong, black women in high fashion photography within pop culture, at least not in the late 80’s and early 90’s. If I saw this imagery it was from magazines that catered to the African- American experience. This segregation sent a silent message, a message of disappointment and hurt. Fast-forward twenty-five years where my love and enthusiasm for art and pop culture images has expanded to tarot decks. Imagine the delight my little fashionista felt when I laid eyes upon the Black Rebirth Tarot.

The Black Rebirth Tarot is a major only tarot deck created by Yolanda V. Acree. Acree has collaged images of Black fashion models over backgrounds of prints, reminiscent of African printed fabrics and bright colors full of spirit. Although this deck is high energy, in my opinion, it manages to retain a minimalism that excites my aesthetic. This makes perfect sense as Yolanda V. Acree is an expert in minimalist living. The images are so inspirational to me that I would love to get myself another copy of this deck to hang on my walls. I must admit I was apprehensive initially about using a major only tarot deck because I felt that I’d be missing out, I’d feel less satisfied, or I’d be left wonder what if, if I didn’t have access to all the archetypes of a traditional seventy-eight card tarot deck. I was, of course, wrong in my assumptions. I was able to develop an intimate working relationship with this deck through an Instagram challenge hosted by Indie Deck Review. I pulled one card for twenty-two days and in this time, I was able to study the images, contemplate what they meant to me in my life, and what I could draw from my personal experiences to personalize the images and their meanings. I love when I get to make deep, personal connections based on my life’s experience with the images of a tarot deck. The fact that this deck read, to me, as a fashion deck is a bit of a fluke. Acree tried to0 choose images she resonated with strongly, it just so happened that most of these images came from a library of fashion photography.

The Black Rebirth Tarot comes direct from Make Playing Cards which means the cardstock is standard smooth 300gsm. These cards can stand up to riffle shuffles and repeated use, they are flexible with a spring, and have a nice feeling in your hands. As previously mention this is a major only deck with means the deck is not as thick as a standard deck. My copy came wrapped in shrink wrap but with Make Playing Cards you can upgrade the packaging option. The images are borderless with the titles appearing on the cards in various positions in a white script. The white script is the only, single, miniscule, issue I have with this deck because on some cards it can be hard to read. Take this with a grain of salt because I am not known for my 20/20 vison and I am quite near sighted. Overall, The Black Rebirth Tarot gets top marks and has officially been relegated to a place of high honor within my collection.

When Acree created the Black Rebirth Tarot she was inspired to develop a learning tool to help her become better acquainted with a system she was trying to understand. In fact, the Black Rebirth Tarot was Acree’s first physical deck. She wanted to cut her teeth on something while she waited for the release of Courtney Alexander’s Dust II Onyx tarot. As a result, this deck strays far from the traditional imagery or meanings associated with the twenty-two major arcana. These cards are deeply personal and intuitive and I found a strong connection with this concept. I think everyone should develop their own deck of cards where they can infuse the archetypes with their own personal magic. I believe it makes one a better reader by developing a deep understanding of self

If you are interested in reading more about Yolanda V. Acree, you can find thecreator interview I did with her here on Indie Deck Review. If you are interested in learning more about Acree’s minimalistic lifestyle or you’re interested in getting the Black Rebirth Tarot, information for both can be found here,