Gateway Deck: Brian Dooley

  1. What was your Gateway Deck?
    My Gateway Deck was the basic Rider Waite. Then the Radiant Rider Waite. Then the Golden Universal. Eventually, I got the Golden Thread. And from there, an addiction was born.

    A spread with the Golden Thread
  2. What about that deck made you want to stick with tarot?
    Initially, it was all about the learning. Then it was about the art. Then it was about the thrill of the find, and about how many packages I could get in a given week.
  3. Do you still read with/have that deck?
    I gave away that particular RWS, but have since replaced it a few times. I still have my first Radiant. And the Golden Thread is still in my collection. It’s such a wonderful, whimsical, and high-quality deck!
  4. What is your favorite/most learned from/most drawn to deck?
    Oh boy…my favorite right now (and for the past handful of months) is the Numinous Tarot. It’s so rich and beautiful and thought out and loving. I can’t say enough good things about the Numinous.
  5. What is the deck that you just can’t use?
    I gifted away my Mary-El Tarot. I think it found me too early in my learning journey, and I couldn’t deal with the dark side of it very well. I halfway regret it, but I know it’s well-loved at its new home. I also wasn’t able to deal very well with the PicTarot deck, which had WONDERFUL majors, but playing card pips for the minors. I felt betrayed on a personal level when I unboxed it.
  6. How do you feel about the RWS/Marseille/Thoth decks?
    RWS – I’ve recently fallen back in love with the traditional RWS. It won’t ever be my favorite, but it will always be my first. Just like Christopher Eccleston, you know?
    Marseille – I do not like pip decks, and Marseille is the progenitor of all pips, in my understanding. But I’m willing to learn. Sometime.
    Thoth – I still don’t have any Thoth decks. I have it on my wishlist, though. I have to assume that I’ll like it “ok.”
  7. Where do you whip out your decks?
    At home, at the coffee shop, and recently, at parties and bars. It’s like knowing how to play guitar. If you show up with it, you’ll be playing “Wonderwall” before too long.
  8. Would you consider yourself a Deck Dealer? A Deck Pusher? A Deck Enabler?
    I’m definitely an enabler. If I were a dealer or a pusher, I’d be in bad shape from always getting high off my own supply. but I love to share my new decks with others and to encourage others’ habits.
  9. What deck is at the top of your wishlist?
    Every time I check my wishlist, I end up buying two or more new decks. I don’t think I can afford to answer this question right now.
    …okay, I just bought two more decks, but the top of my wishlist is oh god, I don’t know. There’s soooo much to choose from. A real seven of cups situation. Next question, please.
  10. If a Deck granting Magic Being appeared at your door, what is the deck you’d ask them for?
    I think I’d ask for a Star Wars Tarot that has comic book art. …and focuses a lot on Chewbacca and Han and Lando.
  11. How did your Gateway Deck influence your tarot preferences and reading style?
    Learning the traditional meanings of the cards along with the RWS imagery makes it much easier for me to read with all of my other decks. As far as preferences, I wish every deck was made of plastic like my Golden Thread.

    Spread with the Rider Waite Smith deck

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