Crystal Bone Tarot

Crystal Bone Tarot: by Jace Anderson (2018, self-published) MINIMAL. LAYERED. SIMPLE. DEEP. At first glance, you wouldn’t see much in the no-frills white tuck boxRead More

Instant Archetypes

Deck Name: Instant Archetypes Deck: A New Tarot for the New NormalCreator(s): Superflux and Amélie BarnathanPublisher & Year: Superflux, 2018 I had never backed aRead More

Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

Deck Name: Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot (3rd Edition)Creator(s): Dame DarcyPublisher & Year: Self-Published, 2018 When I was little, I used to fantasize about growing aRead More

The Illest Tarot

The Illest TarotBy Kristi Prokopiak 2017 Have you ever wanted something and kept looking at it trying to talk yourself out of wanting it, tryingRead More


Deck Name: PictarotCreator(s): Peter Thaler and Lars DenickePublisher & Year: Pictoplasma, 2010 Quirky decks are my gig and the Pictarot is no exception! I’ve beenRead More

Ghetto Tarot

Deck Name: Ghetto TarotCreator(s): Alice Smeets, Atis Rezistans Publisher & Year: Self-Published by Alice Smeets with funding through Indiegogo, 2015 What needs to be said?Read More