The Psychohist Oracle

Deck Name: The PsychohistOracleCreator(s): Robert Saint JohnPublisher & Year: Self-Published, 2020Availability: EtsyCreator Instagram: Instagram: As a huge fan of Ray Bradbury and the retro futuristic sci-fi genre, I was extremely excited when I saw this deck was created. From the moment I opened […]

Venetian Tarot

Deck: Venetian TarotCreator: Eugene VinitskiPublisher: Indie Published, 2017Availability: The Venetian Tarot was created by Eugene Vinitski with the first edition printing of October 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.  The first edition had a limited run of 500 decks.  This is a review of the original […]

Wonderland Tarot

Deck Name: Wonderland Tarot (1st ed) Creator: Christopher AbbeyArtist: Morgana Abbey Publisher & Year: US Games Systems, Inc, ©1989.Availability: Find the second edition (2017) of this deck from How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Are you mad as a hatter and […]