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Ability Diversity Age Diversity Body Diversity Cultural Expression FFT Gender Expression Indie Decks Mass Market Tarot Real World Representation Tarot

Modern Witch Tarot

Deck Name: Modern Witch Tarot Deck  Creator: Lisa SterlePublisher & Year: Liminal 11, ©2019Availability: In the USA, HERE and in the UK, HERE This deck is chatty + lively in all the best ways. It looks like a deconstructed pop-art graphic novel that one views frame-by-frame. Modern Witch Tarot is at times soft + silly + …

Ability Diversity Age Diversity Body Diversity Gender Expression Indie Decks Real World Representation Tarot

This Might Hurt Tarot

Deck Name: This Might Hurt TarotCreator(s): Isabella Rotman + Addison DukePublisher & Year: Self Published, 2019Instagram – to buy – There are only two decks this year that have me really excited and on the edge of my seat with anticipation. The top of that very short list was the This Might Hurt …