Le Beau Monde

Deck Name: Le Beau Monde Regency Tarot DeckCreator: Jennifer PoolPublisher & Year: Self Published 2019 It has been established that I am a fan ofRead More

Earth Child Tarot

Deck Name: Earth Child TarotCreator(s): Alyson DaviesPublisher & Year: Self Published, 2019 The Earth Child Tarot by Alyson Davies really surprised me! During the firstRead More

The Melanated Classic Tarot

Deck Name: The Melanated Classic Tarot Creators: Oubria Tronshaw and Julia Goolsby Published: Oubria Tronshaw, 2019 Availability: https://www.oubria.com While the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot wasn’t my firstRead More

The Illest Tarot

The Illest TarotBy Kristi Prokopiak 2017 Have you ever wanted something and kept looking at it trying to talk yourself out of wanting it, tryingRead More