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Indie Decks Tarot

The Printers’ Tarot

The Printer’s TarotCreated and Published by Nicole Em 2018Cards printed by Pickwick Independent PressAvailability: Etsy The shapes, forms and images which we’ve learned to recognize as letters began humbly as little more than pictures and symbols meant to represent common sights in our primitive environment. These pictures gave our thoughts a voice, our conscious a …

Body Diversity Indie Decks Real World Representation Tarot

The Body Language Tarot

Deck: The Body Language TarotCreator: Jessica BottPublished: IndependentlyAvailability: Out of printWebsite: I reached out to Jai Bott from the Cracked Amethyst to interview her. I had already planned to review her Idiosyncradeck and Amethyst oracle, as well as her Resting Bitch Face oracle. She was kind enough to talk with me about the things …