Venetian Tarot

Deck: Venetian TarotCreator: Eugene VinitskiPublisher: Indie Published, 2017Availability: The Venetian Tarot was created by Eugene Vinitski with the first edition printing of October 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.  The first edition had a limited run of 500 decks.  This is a review of the original […]


Deck Name: 7starotCreator(s): 7starotPublisher & Year: Self Published, 2020Guide – – to buy – This year I’ve been really deep diving into the patterns of pip decks, so when the 7starot landed in my lap for review I was delighted to look […]

Oracle Lumi’Air

Deck: Oracle Lumi’AirCreator: Antoinette CharbonnelWhere to buy: I started drooling over the Oracle Lumi’ Air the moment I saw a picture of its box cover. The image of a frog resting underneath a mushroom while staring thoughtfully up at the moon is both magical […]

Oddments Tarot

Deck: The Oddments Tarot Creators: Rachel Evans, Motion Sickness of Time TravelPublisher: IndiependentAvailability:  The Oddments Tarot was created in the space between dreams and reality. The collages that make up this deck are primarily composed of low resolution images. The hodgepodge blurriness feels like those […]

Tarot Mood

Deck Name: Tarot Mood Creator: Natalie Meraki  Publisher & Year: Self-published, ©2019Availability: tarot Some people take tarot very seriously, and others make it a WHOLE THING. Tarot Mood is a WHOLE THING. The muted colors and geometric pattern on the back of the cards completely belies […]