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Indie Decks Minimalist Oracle

Modern Goddess Oracle Deck

Deck Name: Modern Goddess Oracle DeckCreator(s): Julie HopkinsPublisher & Year: Self Published 2019Website: Overview: The Modern Goddess Oracle Deck is a 77-card deck created by Julie Hopkins. Julie is the Goddess behind White Witch Academy (formally, Power Within), a website dedicated to helping people discover the magic within their daily lives and within themselves. …

Indie Decks Minimalist Oracle

Whispers of the Soul Oracle

Deck: Whispers of the Soul OracleCreated by Katie Rose JonesAvailability: Etsy I don’t own too many oracle decks. The ones I do own, I don’t use often. For the most part, I value them for their beauty more than their ability for spiritual guidance. I find the messages between different decks very similar – positive …

Astrology Indie Decks Minimalist Oracle

Ameo Deck

Deck Name: AMEO DeckCreator(s): AMEO DeckPublisher & Year: Self Published, 2019Availability: The AMEO deckNOTE: Featured image includes the book, Astrology for Real Life by Theresa Reed. This book is not included with the deck but was used by the reviewer while working with the AMEO Deck. The book can be found here I’m a huge …