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Modern Witch Tarot

Deck Name: Modern Witch Tarot Deck  Creator: Lisa SterlePublisher & Year: Liminal 11, ©2019Availability: In the USA, HERE and in the UK, HERE This deck is chatty + lively in all the best ways. It looks like a deconstructed pop-art graphic novel that one views frame-by-frame. Modern Witch Tarot is at times soft + silly + …

Indie Decks Minimalist Oracle

Modern Goddess Oracle Deck

Deck Name: Modern Goddess Oracle DeckCreator(s): Julie HopkinsPublisher & Year: Self Published 2019Website: Overview: The Modern Goddess Oracle Deck is a 77-card deck created by Julie Hopkins. Julie is the Goddess behind White Witch Academy (formally, Power Within), a website dedicated to helping people discover the magic within their daily lives and within themselves. …

Indie Decks Lenormand

Green Glyphs Lenormand

he first thing I noticed is the quality of this product. The sturdy one piece box has a simple and elegant design and a magnetic closure. The coloured guidebook that greets you when you first open the box is one of the best guidebooks I’ve ever read (and we’ll come back to this later).

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This Might Hurt Tarot

Deck Name: This Might Hurt TarotCreator(s): Isabella Rotman + Addison DukePublisher & Year: Self Published, 2019Instagram – to buy – There are only two decks this year that have me really excited and on the edge of my seat with anticipation. The top of that very short list was the This Might Hurt …

Indie Decks Tarot

Wise Dog Tarot

Deck Name: The Wise Dog Tarot Creator: MJ Cullinane Publisher & Year: MJ Cullinane, ©2019Availability: The images are dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, coat colors + textures. Some are pampered show dogs, some are well-loved family members, and others appear recently liberated from an animal shelter. No matter the situational circumstances of these dogs, their …

Indie Decks Minimalist Oracle

Whispers of the Soul Oracle

Deck: Whispers of the Soul OracleCreated by Katie Rose JonesAvailability: Etsy I don’t own too many oracle decks. The ones I do own, I don’t use often. For the most part, I value them for their beauty more than their ability for spiritual guidance. I find the messages between different decks very similar – positive …

Indie Decks Tarot

The Beatles Tarot

Deck: The Beatles TarotCreators: Chris Leech & Ted GlartAvailability: Etsy I’ve loved The Beatles’ music since I was a child, before I even knew anything about the band. Their songs are so universally loved that they managed to make their way into the home of an immigrant Chinese family. Even though my parents spoke little …