Twin Flame Ascension: Take Me Home Oracle

Deck Name: Twin Flame Ascension Take Me Home Oracle DeckCreator(s): Dr Harmony (Creator), Tatiana Hassan (Illustrator)Publisher & Year: U.S. Games Systems, INC., 2021Availability: @twinflameexpert I asked the deck:  What is this melancholy? It’s like a yearning for a life this body has never lived […]

The Yarn Tarot

Deck Name: Yarn TarotCreator(s): Illustrated by Katie PonderPublisher & Year: Sixth&Spring books, 2021Availability: Sixth&Spring and at www.katieponderillustration.comInstagram: @katieponderillustration @sixthandspringbooks Yarn Tarot – for Crocheter, Knitters, Spinner, and Weavers  Confession/Disclaimer: I am neither a crocheter nor a knitter. I have, however, been adjacent to this art […]

Kawaii Tarot

Deck Name: Kawaii TarotCreator: Diana LopezPublisher & Year: Sterling Ethos, ©2018Availability: Find this deck on Sterling Ethos’ website. It is also available in bookstores.  Why did I pick up this deck? Because I wanted something minimal but effective. A dose of sweet to counterbalance some […]

Wonderland Tarot

Deck Name: Wonderland Tarot (1st ed) Creator: Christopher AbbeyArtist: Morgana Abbey Publisher & Year: US Games Systems, Inc, ©1989.Availability: Find the second edition (2017) of this deck from How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Are you mad as a hatter and […]

Old Style Lenormand

Deck: Old Style LenormandCreator: Alexander RayPublisher: U.S. GamesWhere to buy: I’ve always felt that the images in Lenormand decks are an expression of the Victorian era. It is a display of their fear and admiration, challenges and joys. The objects chosen to express these […]

Amenti Oracle

Deck Name: Amenti Oracle – Feather Heart Deck and GuidebookWritten by Jennifer Sodoni Illustrated by Natalee Miller Published by Hachette Book GroupAvailability: Our Amazon Store Love at first sight is a concept I don’t necessarily invest a whole lot into because it’s hard for me […]

Gilded Reverie Lenormand – expanded edition

Deck Name: Gilded Reverie Lenormand Expanded EditionCreator(s): Ciro MarchettiPublisher & Year: US Games, 2017Availability: The Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti was originally published in 2003. I remember seeing it in bookstores and thinking that it was a gorgeous deck. I didn’t buy it […]

Art Oracles

Deck Name: Art Oracles Author: Katya TylevichIllustrator: Mikkel Sommer Publisher & Year: Laurence King Publishing, ©2018.Availability: Our Amazon Store and at Art Oracles is a visually stunning 50 card deck that compiles the work of “the great artists”. The illustrations combine portraits of the artists with […]