Amanda Bell
Amanda has been reading cards since she bought her first deck in 1990. She read a Marseille deck for twenty years with only her intuition and a little white book to guide her. In 2010 she discovered that there was an entire world of delicious tarot goodies out there. Her style of reading had always been ‘story style’, preferring to find the human across from her in the cards between them. As she began accumulating decks, a new reading style emerged for her. Layering multiple decks to discover who she was reading, where they needed a map, and what needed tending became her go to. It’s been her preferred method for the last eight years.



She began teaching divination in 2009, and her teaching style evolved with her reading style. Reading the Spiral, Deck Discussions, and one on one classes kept her busy for a number of years. She discovered indie decks when she discovered Kickstarter in 2015 and became enamored with them. The freedom from the LWB, and the creativity in these tiny works of art captivated her.

Amanda started her professional tarot business, Salt and Shadow Tarot, just a couple of years ago. She still teaches, and reads, locally in St Louis, Missouri. She is a witch, and she practices unrepentant kindness. She is rarely without a deck of cards in her bag, and prefers reading to watching tv.

This year she channeled her passion for indie decks into this online magazine. Indie Deck Review was born from her desire to support indie creators, provide a space for readers to find indie decks, and promote small businesses. She’s ridiculously lucky to be able to work with the team at IDR, and hopes you’ll enjoy being here.


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Sarah Kate Buckles
Sarah Kate Buckles has been reading Tarot for almost seven years. She also dabbles in palmistry and tasseomancy. She learned to read tea leaves from her grandmother, but whenever people suggested she try tarot she shrugged it off. “Not my thing,” she said over and over, until someone handed her a tattered Marseille deck they’d rescued from an estate sale. The tool fit her hand and she began the slow spiral down the rabbit hole. Together with her husband and business partner, she opened the Fortune Teller Bar in 2012 in St. Louis, and has been collecting decks and tarot readers ever since.
Brian Dooley
Brian is one half of the Amateur Tarot Podcast, and has been practicing with tarot cards since late in 2016. He has been accumulating and collecting decks exactly that long as well, and loves getting a new package in the mail.



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Aly Fay
I purchased my first tarot deck at the age of 13 (1992).  It was a standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck that I picked up and put down for years.  Finally in 2000, I discovered a deck that spoke to me and it unlocked the tarot for me. I’ve since branched out into oracle decks, runes, and even playing cards. I read tarot primarily for myself and occasionally for friends.  I use the tarot as a personal growth tool.  My personal reading style involves storytelling.  I love to look at how the cards relate to each other, the positions they are in, and the question that was asked.  While looking at a deck, I look at what works or doesn’t work for me and why that is.  I invite you to join the conversation.  Just because a deck doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect deck for you.



Outside of my deck obsession, I recently adopted a spaniel-mix puppy who still wants to eat everything.  I have a fondness for coffee and chocolate and aversion for foods whose primary characteristic is hot.

Instagram: 1coin2sides

Anna Felixidocious
Anna Felixidocious is a solitary self taught witch with myriad interests. It was only a matter of time before she found a deck of Tarot cards, the Thoth deck to be precise, tucked away in her dad’s bookshelf, between books of philosophy & post modern lit & tabletop gaming guides. Anna reads the cards as a soul centered story teller, as symbology tapping into our Child Mind for deep healing & connection to the Self. She brings astrological associations, hints from the Otherworld, pop culture deep cuts & compassionate sass to her readings & reviews.

Madeline Fleer
Tarot has been a force in my life since I was a child. I was lucky enough to be raised by a pretty magical dad, but he made me wait to get my first deck until I was 16 to really make sure I understood the gravity of the energies I was playing with. I’ve barely put them down since. I approach the cards with a mix of traditional learning and intuitive downloads, which usually lands me in a pretty accurate and positive place in my readings. I personally believe the tarot is our best and most efficient tool for understanding the energies we’re putting out there, the ~vibes~ man. I’m a chaos witch so my practice may seem all over the place to some. I incorporate archetypes and traditions from all kinds of schools of thought, as well as rock and roll, queer culture, science fiction, and hoodoo/voodoo traditions I learned from my father and grandmother. My altar is littered with kids toys and cute things. A vintage Jesus painting hangs above my toilet. I wash my floors with whisky and floral waters. My favorite part of being on the path is making it up as I go! I find it easier to avoid misogyny, heteronormativity, and cultural appropriation this way. Supporting and uplifting others my ultimate goal when I am doing readings. I feel the world is a harsh place already, when someone seeks advice from a mystic they usually are wanting permission to follow their highest excitement and validation of their feelings from an outside, completely ‘random’ source. I am happy to provide this for my clients, along with some humor and positive vibes. When I’m not working I’m usually at home with my 6 pets and my badass wife, probably watching a scary movie and being crafty on the couch.

Havana James
Hello, I’m Havana and I’ve been reading/studying Tarot for over twenty years. I can’t remember how tarot came into my life. I’m sure it had something to do with watching a movie or TV show but I know I was hooked. Over the years tarot and oracle have been a real life saver in time of crisis. When I turn to tarot in troubling times I find it to be an extraordinary ground force that allows one to step outside of themselves to observe the situation from an outside perspective. I find tarot to be a tool one can use for self reflection and personal growth.



My reading style is a unique mixture that I’ve developed over years of self-teaching. I incorporate a Waite-Smith reading system along with intuition, elemental energies, some numerology and in the future I plan too incorporate astrology as well. As much as I love tarot I actually find oracle decks easier to connect with because I think it allows me to but a message in context that is easier for a querent to connect with. Currently, my oracle deck collection is “a bit” larger than my tarot deck collection. I love collecting indie decks because each artist uses the cards to present a unique point of view and commentary on life. We are all different people experiencing the world through our own distinct filters. By collecting multiple decks from Indie artists I can support a person’s passion, artistic expression, hard work, and labor while simultaneously understanding how they interpret the world around them.
When I review decks I want to ensure the person reading my reviews can get an idea for how the deck feels, performs, and what kind of energy it gives. Its difficult to show these particular properties on a photo so I use very descriptive words and comparisons to similar examples to convey my experience with a particular deck. Outside of indie decks my other interests include collecting crystals, chakra therapy, tea, and nail art. I’ve worked at a zoo,  in the medical field as a surgical assistant, and as a pastry chef. I have a black cat named June and I love tacos. You can also find me on Instagram,  YouTube and Facebook at Sparkle Divine Tarot.

Greetings! I am the resident baby reader of the group, having delved into learning tarot less than a year ago.  #babyreadermoon. I am a mystic witch who was pushed down the path of strong intuition with no compass to guide me. I went through multiple decks, none of which spoke to me because *gasp*, I had no clue what I was doing! I have now comfortably settled in with my Smith Waite deck (I know, not Indie.  SHHHH!) and am slooooowly learning how to interpret what the cards are trying to say for me. I hope to grow to incorporate Oracle decks (which I love) and runes into my readings, but for now I’m focusing on the basics. My perspective here is one of youthful inexperience and awe.
Nyxx Stone

First name, NYXX. Last name, STONE.
a. Lover of tarot & rocks, astrology & the stars.
b. Witchy Bruja path mixing Hellenismos & electic elements.
c. Daughter of Artemis & Athena // Child of Ogun and Oya.
d. Obsessed with all things creative — music, art, the written word.
e. Born, Raised and Living in New York City. 

TAROT IG: @Phenyxx.of.Swords
REVIEW IG: @GreyScalesRainbow

K. Potter
“Tarot helps us see where we’re coming from and where we are now so we can figure out where to go next.”



K. Potter is an analytical tarot reader and nerd with a stack of beloved (yet mostly half-read) tarot books and a background in social work. While tarot is their first love, they also read lenormand and occasionally dabble in oracle systems. They see tarot and divination as a tool for self-analysis, a playground of collective symbolism and archetypes, and a bridge for human connection. Their reading style is all about untangling patterns; weaving together the story between the cards, the question, and the querent; and figuring out next steps. As a queer, non-binary individual, K. Potter strives to bring queer, intersectional, and social justice perspectives to their readings and reviews.

As a reviewer, K. Potter hopes to dive into the things that make a deck tick, how they read, and how broadly they connect to the vast range of human experiences.

Outside of reading tarot, K. Potter enjoys crafting, particularly sewing and crochet. They also love puns, pop culture references, and the various linguistic functions of the word “fuck.”

K. Potter can be found on Instagram at @coffeeandtarot. Their favorite thing about coffee is less the coffee itself and more the conversations they get to have while sharing it with others. They can say the same thing about tarot.

K. Potter uses they/them pronouns.


Reluctant Spider (ReaS) has been quietly shacked up with her Rider Waite Smith tarot deck for 20 years, whispering with them about life, death, the cosmos, and her place in it.

But what would it be like to pick up another deck?*  Could it be like daring to make eye contact with someone you don’t yet know at a cafe?   What could happen if you gathered your snack and warm drinks closer together, tuned out the chatter, and talked, really talked?

Wanna come join the table?

Mysticism, feline sensuality, Aries impatience, and Black gurl magick makes her reading style a translation of big messages into a form that fits the ear of the receiver.

*Author note: Her newer friends, the Thoth tarot, Isis Oracle, and I Ching Oracle all beg to differ with the implied deck monogamy.  I’ve been properly called out. Apparently, I’m deck flexible.

You can find her on Instagram as @reaspidr

Jess Rollar
Hello, I’m Jess – card slinger, blogger, feminist, and coffee addict! I’ve been reading cards for around 6 years now and focus on a more intuitive approach. I’m a big fan of diverse and unique indie decks, always on the hunt for a deck that speaks to me!