Amanda Bell, Editor and Founder

In the summer of 1990, I bought my first tarot deck. I was 14, and that deck was one of the few things that I knew was meant for me. It wasn’t until 2010 that I realized that I could buy another deck. Those superstitions and whatever other ‘rules’ I’d thought I needed to follow got tossed out the window. I replaced them with the Shadowscapes Tarot, the Sasuraibito Tarot, oracle decks and so many other tarot decks. I began teaching, and reading, intentionally. Between 1990 and today, Amanda has built her tarot practice with community in mind. Creating spaces and events for readers and collectors, welcoming newcomers and finding inventive ways for seasoned readers to expand their practice. You can always find her reading or teaching tarot in St Louis and online.

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Havana James

Hello, I'm Havana and I've been reading/studying Tarot for over twenty years.Over the years tarot and oracle have been a real life-saver in times of crisis. When I turn to tarot in troubling times I find it to be an extraordinary ground force that allows one to step outside of themselves to observe the situation from an outside perspective. I find tarot to be a tool one can use for self reflection and personal growth. My reading style is a unique mixture that I've developed over years of self-teaching. I incorporate a Waite-Smith reading system along with intuition, elemental energies, some numerology and in the future I plan to incorporate astrology as well. By collecting multiple decks from Indie artists I can support a person's passion, artistic expression, hard work, and labor while simultaneously understanding how they interpret the world around them. When I review decks I want to ensure the person reading my reviews can get an idea for how the deck feels, performs, and what kind of energy it gives. Its difficult to show these particular properties on a photo so I use very descriptive words and comparisons to similar examples to convey my experience with a particular deck.

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Anna Felixidocious

Anna Felixidocious was born in the Shawnee Forest, raised in suburbia & now lives deep in the wilds of St Louis City where she does bodywork, divination, astro poetry, raises children & cares for her community. She has studied myth, story, dreaming, philosophy & magic for decades. Anna dreamt of being a music journalist when she was a teen and as it turns out, she’s much more suited to writing weavings of tarot, astrology, pop culture, mythic story and yes, music, for Indie Deck Review. She is also the Program Director of Indie Deck review, bringing the digital community into the physical world with meetups & classes.

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Jess Rollar

I'm an artist, card reader, desert witch and coffee addict. I've been slinging cards since 2013 and haven't stopped since. I tend to gravitate towards traditional or lowbrow styled tarot decks and have a thirst for playing cards. When I'm not shuffling a deck, I'm found talking to my houseplants or absorbed into the pages of a good book.

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Reluctant Spider

Reluctant Spider has been quietly shacked up with her Rider Waite Smith tarot deck for an accidental 25+ years, whispering with them about life, death, the cosmos, and her place in it. But what would it be like to pick up another deck?* Could it be like daring to make eye contact with someone you don't yet know at a cafe? What could happen if you gathered your snack and warm drinks closer together, tuned out the chatter, and talked, really talked? Mysticism, feline sensuality, Aries impatience, and Black gurl magick makes her reading style a practice of translating energy and emotion into forms that can fit in the ear. *Author note: Her newer obsession with Thoth clones and oracle decks all beg to differ with the implied deck monogamy. Properly called out. Apparently, I'm deck flexible.

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Bear Cozzemera

Tarot came to me shortly after the 2016 election cycle -- when it was no longer possible to run and there was nowhere else to hide. I had to stop and face my Self, to learn how to listen to the voice inside that had gotten so quiet it was often barely perceptible. So, I haven’t been at this very long -- but it has been something I have undertaken in earnest. It took a full year of daily card pulls before Tarot started speaking to me. Something clicked and I could finally read the language of cards -- I could hear spontaneous messages bubbling up from the deep.
Shortly thereafter I learned Tarot could also sing.
In June 2018 I started a project called TUNED IN TO TAROT -- which pairs songs with tarot cards to help express their energy. The project is about embodiment and reclamation, but it takes many different forms. Sometimes I dance through the energy of the cards based on the 5 Rhythms by Gabrille Roth. Other times I stretch, talk a walk, or get very still.
TUNED IN TO TAROT is about allowing the cards to take different forms, to move through the world of sound -- to vibrate literally. I have also self-published 3 Oracle decks with original illustrations and messages: Healing Hands (44 cards, Reiki infused and focused), STAR STUDENT (63 double-sided cards, an intersectional and interdisciplinary Astrology teaching tool), and In.Full.Bloom (54 square cards featuring flower illustrations, with messages that can be read 4 different ways). As a member of the Indie Deck Review Team, I have written many articles on both indie tarot + oracle decks, as well as mass-market decks (for our Forbidden Fruit Features). And, I’ve written a few articles about related practices and topics -- altar work and minimalism in tarot. As a largely solo practitioner and person, I am extremely grateful to the Indie Deck Review Team for giving me a place to call home, and making me part of the family.

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Tarot Mechanic

Hello, I'm Wing. I'm a tarot reader with over 20 years of experience. For me, tarot is first and foremost a tool for spiritual development. I believe that these cards are one of the greatest tools for self-reflection, which leads to self-awareness. My style of reading is meant for people from all walks of life and not limited to any specific cultural/religious background as it's not based on any particular doctrine. My goal is to empower clients by helping them discover new insights into their situations and see what choices are available to them. I believe that tarot isn't about predicting the future. Instead of telling us what our futures will be, the cards give us the information we need to make the best decisions. Aside from tarot, I also practice other divination systems, such as the I Ching. I perform tarot readings for individuals as well as parties and events. I've read for various fan conventions as well as the Toronto Gay Pride Parade.

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Leah Ciranni

Leah has been passionate about reading tarot for seven years in both individual and group settings. Her love for tarot began in her late teens, and a little later in life she finally studied tarot formally to deepen her knowledge and history of the tarot. It was at this point she realized she would be a forever student, always aiming to learn and apply anything she can in honor of the tarot tradition. One of Leah’s greatest joys has been bearing witness to people who experience healing and guidance through tarot readings. As an avid supporter of indie decks Leah also continues to build her collection of both tarot and oracle decks in an effort to support deck creators and artists as well as feed her own habit! As such, Leah could not have been more thrilled to join Indie Deck Review as a reviewer in early 2020. Originally from Ohio, Leah resides on the east coast with her daughter and son. She has a bachelor of music in cello performance with an orchestra concentration, and actively plays and performs in classical settings. On the flip side, Leah also likes to plug her cello into guitar pedals and amps to manipulate sound and has written and recorded in this way on three albums.

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Hi I’m Vince, owner and creator of Elk & Vine. I’m an artist, maker, and hopefully world-changer. Tarot to me is an amazing tool for self reflection and growth. The cards give you a platform to confront things inside yourself that you don’t always want to look at in a safe and digestible manner. Each deck has its own personality and voice, plus they are incredible works of art in and of themselves. There are many cards in the decks I own that I would love to have full murals of on my walls! I’m always excited to see how each deck has a unique take on tradition and how oracle decks create whole new worlds for us to explore. I’m incredibly honored and proud to be a part of the Indie Deck Review team. I couldn’t ask for a better platform to be able to share my love of these cards!

Saige - The Curious Mystic

Saige Duchanes: Cartomancer… Sounds professional and, dare I say, stuffy, doesn't it? It does. But here’s a fun fact, anyone who employs a deck of cards for the use of divination purposes is considered to be a Cartomancer. At thirteen, my Aunt bought me my first Tarot deck and started to teach me how to read them just so I would keep her secret (that she read and believed in the cards,) from the rest of the family. Little did she know that she was planting seeds that would grow out of that secret world and into a life shaping journey. Starting with the standard Rider-Waite deck, I began to tell stories about the people in the cards, weaving them together with poetry and emotions I experienced in my everyday life. I didn’t know that I was effectively bringing the cards to life and causing change and growth to happen, I was just an angsty teen hell bent on surviving the challenges of puberty and the varied pressures of school.
Now I read both professionally and for fun. The cards never cease to be a tool for self-discovery and growth, both for me and for my clients. I’m always on the lookout for new decks that help show another facet of the card, of the self. My collection has grown a lot from that first deck, lost years ago, but my approach hasn’t changed all that much. Stories, poetry, prose, pop culture, and spirituality all weave together with each card to bring their message home.

You can find me at and on Instagram @curious_mystic_rara