Tabula Mundi Tarot

Deck Name: Tabula MundiCreator:  M.M. MeleenPublisher: Self-PublishedAvailability: Tabula Mundi, a Thoth based deck by M.M. Meleen, is a work of pure genius. Like Thoth,Read More

Angel Evoking Tarot

Deck Name: Angel Evoking TarotCreators: Travis McHenryPublisher & Year: Funded by Kickstarter, 2019 The Angel Evoking Tarot by Travis McHenry was a successful Kickstarter project.Read More

Star Student Astrology Deck

Deck NameThe STAR STUDENT Astrology Deck Creator:  Sarah “Bear” CozzemeraPublisher: Self-PublishedAvailability: The STAR STUDENT Astrology Deck by Sarah “Bear” Cozzemera isn’t just another pretty face! Read More