Creator(s): Olivia KonysDeck Name: XactarotPublisher & Year: Self Published, 2019Where to buy –www.oliviakonys.com/xactarot Oh collage decks, how I love thee! Decks that are created usingRead More

Wizards Tarot

Deck Name: Wizard’s TarotCreator(s): Dakota Gates “Wizard of Barge”Publisher & Year: Self Published, 2019Where to buy: www.wizardofbarge.etsy.com As a die hard fan of gnarly creatures,Read More

Earth Child Tarot

Deck Name: Earth Child TarotCreator(s): Alyson DaviesPublisher & Year: Self Published, 2019 The Earth Child Tarot by Alyson Davies really surprised me! During the firstRead More

Stardust Tarot

Deck Name: Stardust Tarot Creator(s): Space Delirium Publisher & Year: Funding on Kickstarter, 2019 Availability: https://spacedelirium.com I’m a huge lover of simple, minimal art. I’mRead More

Hungry Demon Tarot

Deck Name: Hungry Demon TarotCreator(s): Mark SpaldingPublisher & Year: Indie, 2019Availability: Message the creator HERE I’m always on the hunt for unusual and clever decks,Read More

Sigil Arcanum Tarot

(sigilarcanum header image) Deck Name: Sigil Arcanum TarotCreator(s): Taylor BellPublisher & Year: Funding on Kickstarter, 2019Availability: http://sigilarcanum.com I’ve been a fan of sigils and symbolismRead More

Compendium of Constellations

Deck Name: Compendium of ConstellationsCreator(s): Claire GoodchildPublisher & Year: Black and the Moon, 2017Availability: Etsy.com/blackandthemoon The cosmos have always been a fascination of mine andRead More

Golden Thread Lenormand

Deck Name: Golden Thread LenormandCreator(s): Tina GongPublisher & Year: Labyrinthos Co. 2018Availability: https://labyrinthos.co When I started diving back into learning lenormand, I didn’t plan onRead More

Dark Mansion Tarot

Deck Name: Dark Mansion TarotCreator(s): Krzysztof Wasiuk (producer/founder) & Magdalena Kaczan (artist)Creator(s): Krzysztof Wasiuk (producer/founder) & Magdalena Kaczan (artist)Publisher & Year: Taroteca Studio, 2018 SomeRead More

Instant Archetypes

Deck Name: Instant Archetypes Deck: A New Tarot for the New NormalCreator(s): Superflux and Amélie BarnathanPublisher & Year: Superflux, 2018 I had never backed aRead More