Deck Name: 7starotCreator(s): 7starotPublisher & Year: Self Published, 2020Guide – https://www.7starot.com/blogs/7starot-guide/the-7starot-deckInstagram – https://www.instagram.com/7starotWhere to buy – https://www.7starot.com/ This year I’ve been really deep diving into the patterns of pip decks, so when the 7starot landed in my lap for review I was delighted to look […]

Ameo Deck

Deck Name: AMEO DeckCreator(s): AMEO DeckPublisher & Year: Self Published, 2019Availability: The AMEO deckNOTE: Featured image includes the book, Astrology for Real Life by Theresa Reed. This book is not included with the deck but was used by the reviewer while working with the AMEO […]