The Healing Hands Oracle is created by Sarah Cozzemera of Bear In A Paint Shop & released in October 2018. When I first saw this oracle I was immediately drawn in by the vibrant colors & use of spirals & hands in the paintings Sarah made. The use of the spiral, Sarah says, is because our lives are not linear. We spiral to & from experiences, we spiral through ourselves, reconnecting again & again with our experiences.

The spiral is has been used as a symbol of growth, magic & healing by European indigenous traditions, most notably the Celts, for millennia. Connecting this ancient symbol to a modern exploration of healing resonants.

Besides being a magical tarot nerd witch, I am also a massage therapist & Usui Reiki Master. Usually, those two worlds don’t overlap much. One informs the other, as both are key to my identity. With this deck, the two spheres of myself  weave together beautifully.

As I was contemplating this review, I took the deck with me to my massage therapy office, where I work with 10 other massage therapists. I offered the cards to my coworkers through out several days.  Each card draw resonated with each person so distinctly. One coworker was worried about a client scheduled to arrive in 10 minutes due to the client’s health history & previous appointments; she drew a card that said “What is in alignment with my path will appear. I do not need to fear”  with an illustration of the chakra system held by hands. I saw her shoulders drop, relax, let go. I saw her take a deep breath. She thanked me, the client arrived & the two of them held a beautiful container of peace & healing together without issue.

That story really sums up my working with this deck. The messages are so clear & simple yet that simplicity allows for such depth. The art is wonderfully bright & comforting. There is no darkness to these cards, beyond the darkness of growing in the earth or wombspace, the darkness of snuggling into sleep. A motif of hands is used  throughout the deck; Sarah used her own hands as stencils, which I think is a sweet touch of her energy yet also universally human. Our hands are our connection to the world, our tools that we us to shape our experiences, our bridge to reach out to others in joy or grief or love. Humans need touch desperately. Without touch, our bodies, our hearts, our souls starve. These cards are reminders to reach out our hands. To touch each other. To touch ourselves. To love ourselves back home.