Careful Tarot

The Careful Tarot by Isa, a Toronto Canada based creator, is a collage style tarot deck based on the Rider Waite Smith tradition. The cards are bridge sized and come in a simple handmade bag with a tiny white guidebook that tells the story of the creation of the deck. 

The imagery that Isa has created to express the archetypes of the cards are surreal & otherworldly. When I began to examine the deck I felt like I had been given a tarot deck from a different dimension; it is still of this plane but not this place, not this timeline. The images are collages that evoke archetypes beyond mundane human reality. Beyond gender and race, these archetypes are distilled down to their core energy by Isa. The Careful Tarot is not for beginners – while the imagery draws from RWS, the cards are made through Isa’s personal lens and have some really interesting interpretations that I think would be lost on a newbie student. However, because of these shifts, this deck is great for intermediate students looking to deepen and broaden their understanding of the cards.  

The Major cards in this deck are amazing and so well done, the Courts are a little weak. As a reviewer, it is fascinating to me which part of a deck the creator falls flat on, because that says to me that this is the suit or aspect the creator is working to understand right now. The Courts have their traditional RWS heraldic names yet are gender fluid. They fall flat in that they do not express the power, or fluidity, or intensity of the Court cards that other decks do. This is not a deal breaker for me; the deck is still really well done, and the choice of making the cards bridge size is a big selling point for me. This is a “throw in your bag for the day” kind of deck, small enough to travel yet visually packing a hell of a punch.