Stacy and Margaret are the creators behind the Wayfarer Tarot, which is currently funding on Kickstarter. They were kind enough to talk to us about their deck, and their own insights about tarot.

  1. What was your Gateway Deck?
    Stacy – Pamela Colman Smith/Rider Waite Tarot… immediately followed by the Visconti Sforza Tarot
    Margaret – My first deck was the Mythic Tarot given to me by a neighbor (a wonderful woman named Shelly) when I was right out of college and working in my first real job in Washington DC. It was a difficult and lonely time for me and I would spend hours doing readings for myself and then looking up the meanings and stories of each card in each position. I think it is a hard deck to start with because the Greek myths cloud the pure meaning of the Tarot cards. I know Tarot a lot better now, and I still have trouble using this deck without being distracted by the Greek folklore.
  2. What about that deck made you want to stick with tarot?
    M – Tarot itself is a wonderful and magical thing to spend time with. I didn’t learn the cards so well when I was doing those solo readings 20 years ago, but I was putting my energy into something that was interesting and helping me think about where I was in my life and what my next steps might be.
    S – To be honest, it was the first thing that ever made immediate sense to me.  I was able to read the symbolism of Tarot better than I had ever been able to do anything else. Tarot just made perfect sense.
  3. Do you still read with/have that deck?
    S – Oh, yes.  It refuses to be retired. I have tried to retire it for at least 10 years.  It wants to be used. Now, at events, I use a variety of decks.. to make sure I don’t wear it out too much!
    M – I do have it, but I read with the Rider/Waite deck that I learned on in Stacy’s 78 Days of Tarot classes, or more often with the Wayfarer Tarot.
  4. How did your Gateway Deck influence your tarot preferences and reading style?
    S – It has made me into more of a traditional tarot person. I like the old imagery.  But.. I love that with The Wayfarer Tarot, we expanded on it.
    M – I think because that first deck had so many layers and felt complicated to me, my reading style is probably very simple. It doesn’t take me long to talk about each card. I try to make the concepts clear then present an overall clean summation with feedback from the person I’m reading for to give it all context.
  5. What prompted you to create your own deck? What is your favorite thing about your creation?
    M – When I was taking my first Tarot class with Stacy, I kept imagining how I would illustrate the concept in each card. Images would insist on coming into my head and it was fun to keep going with the ideas. It think it helped connect me with the cards..
    S –  I have always wanted to create a deck. But.. I am not terribly artistic. About a decade ago, I started to ask the Full Moon for the most perfect artist to work with to create a Tarot deck.  I was sure that I had found my Moon inspired artist when Margaret approached me after her first class with me.
  6. What is your favorite thing about your creation?
    S – The cooperation.  I know a lot about talking about Tarot. And Margaret knows a lot about painting and visual imagery.  So, I talked and talked.. and I let her paint. I figured that she understood visual imagery far better than I ever could as an artistically challenged person.
    M – My favorite thing is how much I learned by going through this process, I connected with the cards, but I also learned a lot that I could use in another Tarot project…roads not explored
  7. What is your favorite or most learned from deck or deck you’re most drawn to?
    S – I love old traditional Tarot.  I love the old cards, the Visconti deck is a favorite of mine. And then, I am a big fan of the whimsical nature of the Paulina Cassidy decks.  I love the Wild Unknown Tarot for the lack of people, and the Wildwood Tarot for the unique story it weaves.
    M – I go back and forth between the Rider/Waite and Wayfarer. I love them both.
  8. Where do you go for inspiration?
    M – Nature.
    S – To the Spirits and Ancestors. And then.. to my friends and family.  I am inspired by the ground under my feet and the wind and rain. I work with birds of prey and Ravens.. and I go to them for inspiration.  My therapists are all huge rescue birds. I like their communication best
  9. What are the pieces of you that you’ve imprinted in your cards and/or book?
    S – The Moon card is me.. I am a Dreamer by nature. And The Sun is Margaret, in a field of sunflowers spinning her son around.
    M – I have literally painted myself (as well as my Tarot partner, Stacy- see The Moon) into the Wayfarer deck. The Sun card is my son Lewis and me happily spinning in a field of sunflowers. Stepping back, I’m sure that there is a lot of my sub-conscience perceptions of the world woven in to the imagery of the deck.
  10. Which card do you most identify with?
    M – The Star and the Empress … and the Fool are the ones I most see in myself.
    S – The High Priestess.  Back in 1995 when I was given my first Tarot deck, I calculated my key card using my birthday.  It was the High Priestess. I felt.. not so wise at that age. I did not know what to make of it. I cut the description out of the book I was reading, and I taped it to the box of my first Tarot deck.  It is still there. I can’t read it anymore. But, that’s ok.. I don’t have to be able to read it anymore. The High Priestess is my role model and inspiration.
  11. What is the most difficult card in your deck, and what is the most difficult card for you to read for yourself?
    S – I remember.. we got stuck on the Hanged Man. That’s right. Suspended on the card of suspension. The first one created seemed a bit odd.. and then, it just took forever to create a new one! I struggle to read Judgment for myself.
  12. What is your favorite or most learned from deck or deck you’re most drawn to?
    S – I love old traditional Tarot.  I love the old cards, the Visconti deck is a favorite of mine. And then, I am a big fan of the whimsical nature of the Paulina Cassidy decks.  I love the Wild Unknown Tarot for the lack of people, and the Wildwood Tarot for the unique story it weaves.
  13. Tell us about your favorite card, please.
    S – One card? Oh, dear. The High Priestess. She has been my favorite from day one of Tarot reading.  And then, in The Wayfarer Tarot, The High Priestess was the first card that was created. She represents to me the beginning of the most wonderful collaboration.  The High Priestess painting hangs by my bed… first thing I see every morning.
    M – Rather than a favorite card, I’ll tell you about my favorite reoccurring theme in Tarot. It comes up again and again in different ways and in different cards, and its basically “What are you doing to make your own reality?” In the Magician card it is presented as having the control over the elements to manifest ideas into reality, in the Eight of Swords it is saying that you are in a prison of your own making, each of us has the ability to free ourselves, in the Seven of Pentacles we are reminded that we reap what we sow. Its meaningful to me that a mysterious oracle has been communicating this message to us over and over for hundreds of years.
  14. Where do your interests lie outside of tarot?
    M – I’m part of a happy little family with my husband, son and pets and chickens running around. I like to garden and go for walks in the woods where I live in Vermont. Painting is my passion and my little magical world. I’m part of an amazing gallery in Chester, Vermont called DaVallia, where my non-Tarot art is available.
    S – I am a teacher of Witchcraft.  I make Lotions, Potions, Lip balm and Flower essences. I wander shores looking for Sea glass, and I wrap it up with wire to create pendulums and pendants.  I weave Dream catchers. I volunteer my free time to work with Birds of Prey at the Southern VT Natural History Museum. And I am a proud Mom of a 12 year old boy.. who is learning to read Tarot cards!
  15. What are things you’d like us to know about upcoming works?
    S – Well.. Margaret and I have loved doing this project together.  I can see us creating more together! But, first.. we are going to be Gypsies.. and do some traveling around with our deck and guidebook.
  16. How can we support you, purchase your deck?
    S – We have a kickstarter campaign that we need support on! 36 more days to go!
    M – Yes, please!
  17. You can support the Wayfarer Tarot at