Sarah is a first time oracle creator, The Healing Hands Oracle (it’s super pretty!). We got to ask her some questions about her process, about her deck, and about her gateway deck.

IDR: What was your Gateway Deck?

Sarah: The Smith Ryder-Waite, I picked one up after the 2016 Presidential election…I was devastated + reeling, looking for something to help give me a sense of hope + feel like magic was possible again. I had no idea the journey it would take me on + where the *REAL* magic would come from.

IDR: What about that deck made you want to stick with tarot?

S:  It felt like a puzzle, an endless + beautiful mystery…one of the most accessible +  visceral encounters I’ve had with archetypes in my entire life…I’ve been circling around symbols, history, myth since I was a child, just obsessed with learning about human culture, magic, and elemental/universal forces. The tarot is such an incredible mirror + bridge for connecting to these types of transpersonal experiences/energies. Once the deck started *speaking* to me — after a year of almost daily 20 minute card pulls — I started seeing tarot everywhere.

IDR: How did your Gateway Deck influence your tarot preferences and reading style?

S: I definitely use Smith Ryder-Waite as a reference point, the imagery + symbolism is very iconic and deeply ingrained with the tradition of tarot cards; it has helped me to try and keep *fresh-eyes* with card-reading ANY DECK — because just when you think you see + know all there is to see + know about a card, the cards will reveal another layer/level of depth and meaning…the puzzle doesn’t end. That deck is a reminder not to get comfortable with reading a specific way, every time I pick up the deck it’s a fresh experience if I’m open to learning.

IDR: Do you still read with/have that deck?

S:  Yes, but not as much — the Hanson-Roberts was my go-to for about 7 months; and I’m currently LOVING and learning so much from: Love is in the Earth Crystal Tarot by Melody and Steve Goins

IDR: What are the pieces of you that you’ve imprinted in your cards and/or book?

S:  Wow, yeah, it’s very tied in to several stages of healing + healing crises moments that spanned from Jan 2018 – September 2018…during which time I started studying + practicing REIKI (currently practicing almost daily at Reiki II). The messages in the deck are what came through to lift my spirits and work towards healing + living in alignment with the 5 Reiki principles.

IDR: What prompted you to create your own deck/book?

S:  In January of 2018, I had a reckoning with the self-harm and shadows of my past, wherein I finally realized that to move on in life, to work towards healing, I had to forgive myself. In the process of this work, the concept of ALCHEMY came to me in a very emotional moment. Once I came to the conclusion: “You’re the pot of gold! That’s the ALCHEMY, now go create rainbows!”  I wanted to shout it from the rooftops + help everyone try and achieve this sense of self-worth + self love…something that had been gone from my life for so long finally helped me come home to myself. Knowing the pain of that exile from self, it has become my mission to continue to create art that invokes embodiment + invites us home to ourselves. Shortly after the ALCHEMY moment, I began studying + practicing Reiki, and Healing Hands just unfolded from there…it all flowed.  

IDR: What is your favorite thing about your creation?

S:  The intention to help people. I know how much tarot + oracle decks have helped me in the past 2 years, so my aim is to provide a similar energetic container with Healing Hands.

IDR: Where do you go for inspiration?

S:  Nature is everything. The woods, the water, the fields, the trees. It completely recharges me; there is so much beauty everywhere outside.

IDR: Do you find that tarot pops up in unexpected places?

S:  Tarot and archetype are EVERYWHERE in my life now! And it makes it so magical and interesting, and there’s so much to learn + investigate + be curious about. The mirrors are everywhere.

IDR: What is your favorite part of the creation process?

S:  I LOVE brainstorming, making lists, dreaming, writing down a bunch of ideas, and getting organized…a list of good ideas + art I want to create makes me feel so incredibly wealthy. I tend to get *lost* in a really lovely way in the actual creation process — whatever the medium — so structuring the front-end helps to see me through larger projects.

IDR: Where do your interests lie outside of tarot?

S:  Astrology, dogs, reading, being outside, cooking, writing, supporting social justice, creating art, taking pictures.

IDR: What are things you’d like us to know about upcoming works?

S:  OOOOooooh, I AM working on a new deck right now! Not really ready to release much information about the content, but: it’s double-sided, pairing text with illustrations, 63 large-size (5”x3.5”) cards.

Thanks, Sarah, we love the intention behind your deck, too. You can get your copy by visiting her Etsy shop.