1. What was your Gateway Deck?
    Archangel Deck by Doreen Virtue
  2. What are the pieces of you that you’ve imprinted in your cards and/or book?
    My love for astronomy, collective consciousness and 80’s 90s nostalgic vibes.
  3. What about that deck made you want to stick with tarot?
    Loved the positive messaging/theming and artwork really resonated with me.
  4. Do you still read with/have that deck?
  5. What is your favorite/most learned from/most drawn to deck?
    The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck
  6. What prompted you to create your own deck/book?
    I wanted a more futuristic deck that could be accessible for anyone interested in or starting out with oracle cards.
  7. What is your favorite thing about your creation?
    I love the vibrancy of the deck and mixture of artwork that represents my different artistic expressions.
  8. Where do you go for inspiration?
    My telescope! Also I’m inspired by cosmic events happening on Earth, history, poetry, film & technology.
  9. Tell us about your favorite card, please.
    One of my favorite artworks & the 2nd card of the Cosmic deck- “Rebirth” – depicts our divine ancestries witnessing the birth of our Sun. I was inspired by the Zoe Skylar quote, “For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth”. And [the birth of a star] is really not something that happens overnight. A star the size of our Sun requires about 50 million years to mature from the beginning of the collapse into adulthood. We can keep in mind that during this literal phase of destruction, the dust and debris left behind are eventually recycled, providing the building blocks for a new generation of stars! If we want to be a star, we must endure this phase of transformation. Soon we will shine brighter than the light of a 1,000 Suns!
  10. What deck is at the top of your wishlist?
    Manzel’s Tarot
  11. If a Deck granting Magic Being appeared at your door, what is the deck you’d ask them for?
    Medicine Woman deck!
  12. How did your Gateway Deck influence your tarot preferences and reading style?
    I lean towards utilizing Oracle Cards – mostly within the realm of Angel guides, Color therapy, Animal Oracles & more esoteric, expressive readings.
  13. What is the most difficult card in your deck, and what is the most difficult card for you to read for yourself?
    That would be the “NOPE” card- it was a conscious decision to include such a straightforward counselor. It’s really a card that is suggesting the reader be retrospective in their actions. Are we ignoring or “trampling” over the flowers of our current life’s journey, only to embrace more “prickly” situations? Ouch!
  14. Which card do you most identify with?
    # 38’s “Space out” card is basically how I view life. You don’t need to be a “World Traveler” to experience the magic of our existence here on Earth. Find new ways to adventure old roads traveled. You’ll find that happiness is always what you carry with you, how you see things, no matter where the road may take you.  
  15. Where do your interests lie outside of tarot?
    I love drawing, sculpting, collecting vintage board games, playing Viola, going to the beach, searching for exotic fruits (FL living) and enjoying my twin flame & fur babies!  
  16. What is your favorite part of the creation process?
    That would be creating the imagery for the cards and finding their voice through their title and description. I ask myself what the deck may
    need– what do I need? Where is the balance? I created the deck not knowing where it would take me, and not expecting anything else than to have these expressions birthed. I’m thrilled so many people are enjoying the cards- it’s been such a voyage this year.
  17. What are things you’d like us to know about upcoming works?
    Just like our own Universe is expanding- I wanted Cosmic Cards to offer growth. This was first realized when I decided to add an Expansion Pack (V 1) to the original Cosmic Card deck. The next edition – “Expansion Pack Volume. 2” is set to launch Oct. 10th. I’m really excited because there’s a bit of a surprise- the addition will be available in Holographic print – I’m calling them the “Golden Game Genie” of Cosmic Cards! The biggest challenge for me was to have them blend (tactically) with the rest of the deck- and they do just that!

The Cosmic Cards Volume #2 Expansion Pack launches on 10/10/18 at the FutureIllustrations shop.