1. What was your Gateway Deck?
    The Nicoletta Ceccoli was my first deck. I debated for weeks, and then ended up pre-ordering it, and I had to wait a couple more months to get it anyways.
  2. What are the pieces of you that you’ve imprinted in your cards and/or book?
    There is so much of me in the Body Language deck. A lot of the tattoos are from shows I watch, or from other decks that I’ve made. The Amethyst Oracle I tried to make from myself, not basing the ideas off of other’s ideas of things. For example, three of the season cards have snow in them, like I’m used to, ha.
  3. What about that deck made you want to stick with tarot?
    It was fun. When I first started looking at tarot everything seemed very overwhelming, so I shelved it. But then, a few years later when I looked again, I found a lot more variety and a lot more fun.
  4. Do you still read with/have that deck?
    Absolutely! It’s still in my top favourites.
  5. What is your favorite or most learned from deck or deck you’re most drawn to?
    My Ceccoli deck is probably still my favourite, but the deck I use the most would be my Body Language deck.
  6. What prompted you to create your own deck?
    I don’t really know. I know that the idea popped into my head, probably from watching something on TV, and then I researched it, go overwhelmed, gave up, came back to it, researched it again, fell in love. I actually started making my own deck before I even owned one.
  7. What is your favorite thing about your creation?
    I have made six decks now, and my favourite thing is watching other people use my decks, and all the things they find.
  8. Where do you go for inspiration?
    Other artists, looking at their art, usually sparks ideas for me.
  9. Tell us about your favorite card, please.
    I love Temperance. It speaks of extremes and combining them together, and I feel like there is so much possibility in that.
  10. What deck is at the top of your wishlist?
    Currently, Mildred Payne’s Oracle of Black Enchantment. It looks like so much fun. I have a huge list of decks I want though, there’s so much beautiful art out there.
  11. If a Deck granting Magic Being appeared at your door, what is the deck (real or imagined) you’d ask them for?
    All the decks. Plus one from every artist I follow. And maybe a storage container to fit them all.
  12. How did your Gateway Deck influence your tarot preferences and reading style?
    It’s not your stereotypical tarot deck, it’s strange and surreal and that’s definitely what I’m drawn to now. I don’t like the “I just copied the RWS deck using my own style”, I find it repetitive. I like the strange and the different perspectives artist can bring to the cards.
  13. What is the most difficult card in your deck, and what is the most difficult card for you to read for yourself?
    Probably Justice, for both. I never know what to do with that card.
  14. Which card do you most identify with?
    Probably the Empress of the Queen of Pentacles.
  15. Where do your interests lie outside of tarot?
    I love reading, dancing, and hiking. I also have a garden and love foraging for wild plants.
  16. What is your favorite part of the creation process?
    Seeing how the cards end up. I usually have an idea that I start with, but then things change and I end up with something completely different from what I had planned.
  17. What are things you’d like us to know about upcoming works?
    I’m currently working on a tarot deck based on all plants, called the Bottanical Tarot. I’m making good headway on it, and will be having a kickstarter for the deck hopefully sometime in 2019!
  18. What are some misconceptions or illusions you think people have about creators’ lives?
    That we don’t have to pay for anything! People don’t seem to realize that everything cost money. Art supplies, computer programs, getting things printed, paper, envelopes, packaging… it’s all so expensive really, and we have to depend so much on the idea that people will buy our work so that we can pay for everything we already bought.

More information about Jai Bott and her decks at thecrackedamethyst.com. You can also find her on instagram and tumblr.