When I opened the package and dug out my Illuminated Oracle I was not expected the reaction I had. I was expecting a deck, a beautiful deck for sure, of oracle cards. I have tons of oracle cards. No big deal. What happened instead was a reaction to each card that moved through my entire body. I had tears streaming down my face before I reached the end of the deck. It is more than lovely, more than beautiful. It touched on something in me that I wasn’t sure I wanted to explore. This deck was immediately personal, and incredibly meaningful. I spent a few days with it before I shared it with anyone. I used it in my tarot readings, I used it in personal work, I sat and looked at it over and over. There’s something new to be found each time I use it. Those are my favorite kind of decks.

In her guidebook, Claire writes, “For the seeker whose feet are on the earth, and whose soul is in the stars, this deck is offered for contemplation and transformation.” It is a short guidebook with interpretations of each card, a nice quote by T.S. Eliot, and a section at the back about the art. I think that’s my favorite part of her book because her intention is very much a part of the art. She also explains about the key symbols on the cards. The backs of the cards are just as beautiful as the fronts, and the smooth texture makes them a joy to work with.

There are only twelve cards with humans in them. Each of them represents the mind and soul of the seeker on earth, and the integration of the mind and the cosmos. They are Anguish, Fertility, Healing, Reflection, Support, Accomplishment, Memory, Protection, Responsibility, Disguise, Childhood, and Attachment. The Protection and Reflection cards jump out at me almost every time I use the deck. Protection’s image is especially meaningful in today’s current political climate, and it has honestly been on my mind quite often. They’ve tried to silence this person, they’ve left their mark, yet still this human protects and watches and refuses to be stopped. In the Reflection card I find myself looking beyond her to the cloud and the distance. I want to know what she sees. I want to know what I would see if I looked long enough.

There are also Element cards, and the witch inside me can’t help but be called to them. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. They each have the Origin symbol at the top of the card. Let me tell you, the Water card is perfection. It’s all the ways I see water, and all of the ways I use water. Air took me a moment to connect, but once I did it made sense. Earth and Fire are just right. Not too much, not too little. They work well in the deck but would also make great altar cards.

The Grief card made me stop everything because it really brought it all into focus. That’s what grief is. It is the earth, the cycles of a moon, the unknown, the howl and haunting of the wolf. It is all, and everything, and nothing, all at once. Meander makes me smile and reminds me that my path is fluid. Some of the best things we find are just left of center, or right. Productivity speaks to my worker bee heart, while the Underworld card reminds me of the Meander card. It’s easy to get lost in both of those things, and the results are often far better than we expect them to be. Upheaval, and that giant tornado in the background, makes me anxious. Transient, Path, Gifts, and Reincarnation are a few more of my favorite cards. That wheel in the Reincarnation card is going to mean several things to each person that sees it. For me, this is the work. Path is just a happy card. It seems tranquil, vaguely breezy, and like a place I want to go to. I love it and look for it in my readings.

This deck is absolutely one of my favorite decks, and I’m pretty excited to be able to work with it. I can’t imagine not having it in my divination tool box. I think you should have one, too.

Luckily, they are available in Claire’s Etsy shop. You can find more of Claire’s work, and purchase your own deck, at https://www.clairemack.comand at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClaireMackArts