Creatures of the Moon – A Storytelling Oracle
By Rebecca Schoenecker
Self-Published in 2017

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This deck is a powerhouse. Mighty, yet adorable, it contains a huge amount of information. Combining the guidance of the Lunar Cycles and Creatures revered in many different cultures, Rebecca gives us a tool to use their magic in ways that work with our own path. All of this information is presented in 32 double sided cards and a hefty 296 page book. The book is full color, and offers guidance on the creature cards, the moon cards, incorporating the Goddess into your work, and moon reading. She offers several deck specific reading spreads and layouts, while also encouraging the reading of patterns in the cards.

The moon side of the cards feature all aspects of the moon. The New Moon, Full Moon, First and Last Quarter Moons. They also feature the waxing and waning moons. There’s also the Lunar Eclipse card and the Triple Moon card. In each of the descriptive pages for the cards, the energy of that specific moon is discussed. For example, the energy of the Waning Moon 14 is the energy of courage. It’s also on the back of the Snake card and is compared to the skin of the snake. Shedding its skin like this moon sheds its light.

Each Creature is given a few pages to deliver their magic messages. Crow is the creature of Instinct. There is a story for each creature, discussion about their message, and the moon aspects and numerical associations. I love that there are so many sources of information. While Crow is Instinct, Spider is Spirit. I love the way Rebecca discusses Spiders associations to Fate and Creation. Spider is seen as a Creator in so many cultures, and in her book, Rebecca covers a few of them. Hopi, Navajo, Greek, Nordic, and her own Spider story. In the question section of Spiders chapter, she asks us, “What is the story I wish to tell?” I can’t tell you how often this has come up in the last year for me. Opossum Blossom speaks to us about doing our own work without worrying about approval.

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Creatures of the Moon is a Storytelling Oracle, and that really makes the difference. I love a good oracle deck, I enjoy the freedom they have to be what the user needs. In this deck, we have the building blocks to create our own myths, to streamline these creatures’ stories into something that speaks to us at the spirit level. And when that conversation begins to happen, transformation begins. When we can personally connect to stories and myths, we internalize them into maps for our future pathworking. Rebecca has done a remarkable job of delivering a tool that emphasizes the magic in myth creation, and in myth sharing. Our entire world, in every culture around the planet, humans have been using myth to guide and shape us. Rebecca’s deck invites us into the process, reminds us that we are wordworkers, too.

You can find you own copy of Creatures of the Moon, and her other decks, at Rebecca’s website