This fun and quirky oracle is a joy to work with. Cosmic Cards, by Julie Catona of Future Illustrations, is full of pop culture references and bright colors It is an instant hit wherever I use it. It is cheerful, with bright colors and thought-provoking images. There’s a glitter blunt and Lydia Deetz and all sorts of nifty things to look at. Many cards feature a quote at the bottom and I totally love that. I have to tell you, when I use this deck I find my inner valley girl coming out. I was raised in the valley. It doesn’t actually take much for my inner valley or my inner surfer dude to come out. There are two expansion packs available with this deck. I, myself, have not been able to get the second but Havana has featured a full review of them on our Instagram page. They’ll be mine soon.

This first edition features Audrey Hepburn reminding us to Sow Kindness, Reap Love. To believe in Tomorrow. She’s wrapped in a galaxy, and dammit, I want to believe in tomorrow. The pyramids in Egypt overlook Saturn, telling us You’ve Been Here Before. This card features a quote from Katherine Anne Porter. She’s right, the past is never where you think you left it. Katherine was an American journalist and novelist, she wrote Ship of Fools and many short stories. Practice Self Care hits me in my tarot heart. I’ve always felt the Moon, that is supposed to represent the feminine and women in general is misrepresented. So, I’m a bit more honest about the relationship we should have with the Moon card, and honestly it looks like this. The quote by Oscar Wilde is perfect.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”

Space Out makes us see that our destination is not a place, but a way of seeing things. Rebirth might just be my favorite card in this deck. A beautiful image of women watching what seems to be the collapse of their universe. A quote by Zoe Skylar lends its wisdom. Clarity brings us back to the moon, and its stark face. Speaking to us of working out the details and achieving our dreams.

Truth, Find Your Music, and Yes all came from a reading I did while looking through this deck. Questioning my own path, and honestly this site. What was I doing, and was I doing the right thing? “But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.”, by Anne Bronte. Well, Anne…that’s a little too scary and close to home. I wondered if we would find a place for ourselves out on the internet and in the Tarot Community.

“Move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy.” by Sade Adu.

But…what about…ugh. I was filled with all the questions and worries that happen to us while we are creating something bigger than ourselves. I got what the two cards were trying to say to me. But, still. I needed clarification. Was I doing the right thing for myself, for my team.

You are more than just a star. You are the galaxy.

So here we are. Moving forward, thanks to excellent counseling from this deck.  I pulled another three cards, because these are things I want to remind myself. Authenticity is Sweet, as are those words from Twiggy. Nope, is the nopiest nope I’ve ever seen. When I’m feeling nopey, this is what I imagine all around me. Almost There. Yeah. Jean-Jacques Rousseau has it right.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

I’m writing this review prior to launching this site. This deck has been my go-to for divinatory direction and you should know that despite its fun, less than serious images, this deck works hard.

You can find Julie’s work at her website,

I highly recommend adding this deck to your divination toolbox.